Sit Down With Flora Amayo aka Floessencee: A Talk on the Road to Success


Sometimes we look at celebrities and forget that they are real people with real stories. We look at their success and rarely stop to think about what they had to go through to get there. There was a journey that they endured to finally make it to stardom. One woman who will someday be a celebrity with a powerful journey and testimony is 26-year-old Flora Amayo aka Floessencee. She is the CEO and Host of the GoWithTheFlo Internet Radio show & a Media Correspondent. You can catch her at the hottest events in the area, interviewing and giving viewers a closer look into the lives of those whose passion and drive we admire. I had the pleasure of sitting down with Floessencee to get more insight into her life as a businesswoman and some advice she’d give to aspiring media stars.


What inspired you to go down the path as a radio show host and media correspondent?

I always had a passion for speaking. I was introduced to a TV show by one of my friends at the time, and I enjoyed it there. I also tried the radio one time and I really liked it. I’ve always wanted to help people. I looked at my friends and family around me who were doing amazing things, and I wanted to start a radio show and dedicate it to entrepreneurs. The concept behind it was to help everyone. I created something that would allow everyone to feel comfortable and give them the opportunity to get whatever they are doing out there to more people.  From there, I stayed open to change and more opportunities. I was given the opportunity to do media coverage one day. It was different and I didn’t know how to do it, but I decided to try it. I invited one of my friends (you, Courtney) to go with me and we covered an event and that opened the door to other opportunities, and here we are!

Do you think entrepreneurship is about hopping into it and figuring out? How did that work for you in that experience?

I wouldn’t say I hopped into it blindly. I had written the idea down and knew what my mission was. Of course, I thought I knew how it would play out, but we know it doesn’t work that way. I think it’s a good idea to have structure, an idea, but to still be open to things changing because you don’t know it all. You’re going to learn things along the way and you have to be able to take it in, adjust, and improve.

Who is someone in the media industry that you look up to?

I love Karen Civil. I love her because of her grind. I have an athlete’s mentality, so I know that whatever you do, you have to work hard to get it. Nothing that I have was easy. For instance, I have a degree. That wasn’t easy. Everyone has their own life story, and I have my own. But I’ve always stayed headstrong. Karen Civil works hard. She started off as an intern and she didn’t have the greatest time, but she worked her way up through building good relationships with people and genuinely seeking out the good in people and trying to help them, so I respect her hustle.

What’s your favorite part about being in the media industry?

Two things: Being on the radio is fun. Sharing my opinion and having an ongoing conversation, highlighting different topics is always good fun. I also love connecting people with those that they would not have known before. I love hearing success stories like when we had an event where we had different artists and entrepreneurs there and some were able to establish relationships that lead to other projects. I love connecting those dots. There are so many talented people out here.

Do you see what you’re doing now taking you into other areas of entertainment, like acting, for example?

Yeah. I don’t think this is the end. I really do believe that this can be the stepping stone to something else. I am open to seeing where it goes. Radio has taught me that I can take pictures, do video, host events, and other things that I never knew I could do. So I know that this could be a stop on the way to something else.

Do you experience pressure or anxiety about always having an audience and knowing that people are watching what you’re doing?

Not on the air. On the air, I am very comfortable. I’m just being me. The anxiety comes with the prep. Getting a solid guest in the door, making sure that the content will grab the audience’s attention because it’s not just radio, you can also see what’s going on as well. You have to be entertaining not just to the ear, but to the eyes as well. That part gives me anxiety.

What brand or company completely blew your mind when they contacted you to work with them?

TV One, for sure. I worked the red carpet premiere of When Love Kills: The Falicia Blakely Story. It was based on a true story about a young lady who pretty much went to the extreme for love and she got caught up in a cycle that ultimately made her spend her whole life in jail, due to the love whirlwind. It was great to interview stars that we all know about like Lil Mama and Tasha Smith and hear the overall message coming from those leaders and role models in the industry. I had done media coverage before that and other red carpets, but it was the first time that I was able to introduce my own brand separate from GoWithTheFlo, which is FloEssenceeTV. I take my accomplishments very serious, big or small, but that really let me know that I was doing something right.

If you could give one token of advice to someone who may be reading this interview and wants to begin their journey to becoming successful in the media industry like you, what would that be?

I would say to be open and work hard. Nothing is going to be given to you. Whatever you do, doors are going to be closed, so don’t settle for the first “no”. Make sure that whatever you do, you have your passion with you because your passion is going to speak for itself, even if it’s brand new. Always be your own brand and there’s no reason why people won’t support you. Be open to the process.