The Importance of Being Spirit Led in the Workplace


It is said that if you love what you do you will never work a day in your life. It is also said that if you work hard at what you don’t love you can make enough money to do what you do love. Either way, we flip it, one thing’s for sure. WE HAVE TO WORK! I believe that whether we are working our dream job or working in the gutters, God has a purpose and a plan for our position. If God has strategically placed us at our current job then we must be lead by him as we serve in that position.

With that being said, it's strange that we often times exclude the Lord from the workplace, forgetting that he's the one who led us there in the first place. Many of believers invite God into their finances, they invite him into their emotional distress and even their relationships. But somehow they believe the workplace is not a place for God. This is a major deception from the enemy. We need God in every single aspect of our life especially the workplace.

It’s very important that we carry Christ with us in the workplace. The workplace can be the most drama-filled place in our lives. People gossip, people plot, people antagonize. I'm sure you have heard of at least one instance where a person was mistreated at work and their anger leads them to attack their co-workers and in some cases commit murder. With all of these activities going on at work it's silly to think that the spirit of God can't come in and change things. The Holy Spirit is able to reveal whether someone is plotting to get you fired. He will quicken your spirit to behave in a way that will gain you favor with your higher-ups and secure your job while terminating the position of the plotter. The Holy Spirit can give you wisdom on how to handle difficult situations where your patience and your character will be tested. The Holy Spirit can strengthen you when work gets stressful and you start feeling like giving up. Let’s be honest, none of us can afford to quit so we have to lean on the strength of God’s spirit. 

Psalms 121:8 says the Lord will watch over your coming and you're going both now and forevermore. Are you thinking of accepting that promotion that will be required you to move to a different state? Do you know that God has already ordered your steps? Do you know that when you are spirit lead God will help you decide on major career moves? God can speak through the spirit and give you visions and dreams on whether or not it pleases him to accept the promotion or not. These types of decision can make or break you. When you are spirit led the Lord will lead you down the path that aligns with your destiny, not your fleeting desires. 

But the Holy Spirit does even more than that. God’s spirit can also lead you to encourage or minister to someone at work. Someone’s ticket to heaven could rest on your tongue if you are lead by Christ. Based on where you work you come into contact with hundreds of people you may not know. What better place to share the gospel. What better place to show the love of Christ. It doesn't matter what industry you work in there is an opportunity for you to show Christ living inside of you. This can be expressed through giving to those who are in need, being empathetic to those who are struggling or by simply sharing the word of God to a lost soul. As a teacher, I come into contact with hundreds of students on a daily basis. That is a major opportunity to impart wisdom, character and faith into the youth who will eventually become the adults running the nation.

Next time you arrive at work, surrender yourself to be used by Christ. Let him lead you by his spirit to show that he still lives. let the spirit of God to lead you in wisdom on how to handle the stressor and challenges of the day.