Three Ways to Enhance Your CV While You Are Studying for a Future Finance Career

Finance can be an excellent study path if you are looking for a wide range of career options, good demand for your skills, and lucrative positions. It can also be an interesting and rewarding field to work in where you can get the chance to work for prestigious companies in all kinds of industries.

If you have decided your goal is a career in finance, whatever niche you are interested in, one thing worth bearing in mind is that there can be a lot of competition for entry-level jobs. Whether you are studying for your first degree or your masters, it is well worth considering ways you can boost your CV so that you can gain an edge other graduates with similar qualifications once you enter the job market.

There are plenty of things that can help set you apart, but here are three that tend to really catch the eye of potential employers:

Trading Experience

It is unlikely you are going to get a side job in finance while you study, in the way that you want to be involved once you graduate, but what you can do is start trading on the markets as a hobby. A lot of people trade forex, CFDs, or stocks through websites like CMC Markets both to try and make a profit and because it’s a fun and interesting thing to do.

You may think you need a lot of spare capital to do this, but you can get started with just a small investment, and you can trade easily on your phone or laptop. You may even make some money! The goal, however, is to demonstrate that you have an interest in the markets and have learned some analysis skills and financial strategies other than the topics taught on your course.

Trading forex shows you are keeping up to date on socioeconomic events and trading stocks can demonstrate you follow business news, which can also help you stand out, depending on the employer's industry.

Voluntary Work

Voluntary work can be another excellent way to boost your CV for future employment. Working as a volunteer shows that you are prepared to go the extra mile and put aside your own time for things that are valuable to you, and this is something that can play very well with employers. Choose a cause that really does matter to you, whether it is animals, the homeless, the elderly, or anything else that resonates with you, and put in some time helping out. It can be easy to find volunteer opportunities, but as well as making a difference you'll also be gaining experience that will help you find work when you graduate.

Start a Business

Another thing you should consider is starting a small business. As a student, you may be limited in the time you can devote to this, but even a blog that makes some money from ad revenue or a business where you sell crafts you make for fun can be good experience that will not only net you some cash but also give you something you can put on your CV. No employer expects a new graduate to be a gifted entrepreneur – otherwise, they wouldn't be applying for a job – but demonstrating business acumen through a small business enterprise looks good on a CV.

It is a very good idea to look at one or all of these ideas and really bolsters your CV ahead of your entry into the finance world. Let us know how you get on!

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