The Importance of R&R for the Young Black Business Woman


There’s something about a sound minded black woman. She’s ambitious! And not kind of ambitious that leads someone to take what’s not theirs but the kind that leads someone to create what’s not there. That’s who we are. We are innovators. When we don’t see a clear path to our destination we dig up one. We are game changers. We pour out our strength, our wits, and our passion into whatever we dream up. We are unconventional. We don’t wait for someone to cosign our visions. We don’t wait for people to agree with our point of view. We are fearless! We dive headfirst into uncharted waters and build the boat while at sea.  

The "Twenty Somethin'" and black businesswoman is powerful and driven. She’s the hope of her house hold. She’s depended upon and admired. She’s young but her impact is great. She’s learning but her wisdom is powerful. She is diligent because she knows that if she doesn’t win it would affect generations after her. She understands that her contribution matters and that she can’t just rest on her laurels. As a matter of fact, she can’t rest at all….

Wait a minute…scratch that last sentence. A woman this powerful NEEDS her rest. She must also understand that resting on her laurels, and plain ol’ resting, are two different things.

For the young black business women rest is a word you hardly hear. An activity often avoided because she thinks that if she takes her eye off of the ball for one second she could lose it all. She thinks that taking a moment to care for herself is selfish or lazy. That it will somehow weaken her ability to produce greatness. She’s constantly thinking of the goals she’s pursuing, the bills she’s responsible for, or the hundreds of people she’s are influencing. She doesn’t want to let anyone down….even at her own expense.

Sorry to burst your bubble Ms. Powerhouse, but GIRL YOU NEED TO RELAX! And I don’t mean a one day off work and sleep kind of relax. I’m talking a four-day weekend vacay somewhere exotic with your best friends and a glass of something sweet. Sister, you need to cut off your colleagues, shut down your laptop and give yourself a break. Being a twentysomething-year-old boss can be overwhelmingly exciting but can also bring overwhelming anxiety. We can’t be so focused on the end goal of financial stability and comfortable living that we forget to ACTUALLY LIVE. We have to make sure that while we are building our empire we also build memories and unique life experiences. Do something wild! Go to a foreign country and learn a new style of dancing. Go to the mountains and conquer a fear. Go on a date and share your story with someone you love…or someone you just met. We have to be bold, be spontaneous be FREE!!!

To be honest girls, this isn’t actually about traveling the world or spoiling yourself; even though those reason enough for giving yourself a little R&R. On the contrary, this is more so about the importance of taking a step back to meditate on what you’ve done, what you’re doing and what you want to do. Allowing yourself time to unwind opens your mind up in wondrous ways. It helps you to get a different perspective on your journey to success. As a full-time teacher/ full-time blogger, a break is hardly my portion. But whenever I do give myself a proper vacay it’s like my creative juices get a new burst of flavor. All of a sudden I start coming up captivating blog posts and powerful revelations. Suddenly I start thinking outside of the box and producing content that’s relatable and fun.

A good vacay will help you appreciate what you’ve done and where you are. Sometimes we can get too caught up in producing results that will satisfy others around us that we loose sight of how much we've achieved. Once you step back and recognized how much you’ve accomplished you can be encouraged and inspired by your own deeds. Taking time to relax allows us time Ito count our blessings and see how far we’ve come. Then once we get back to work we are empowered and refreshed, ready to conquer new ground and build new standards.

This isn’t just a blog post sisters, it’s challenge. I challenge you to rest…to relax…to vacay like a boss then come back and demolish your industry with your new found confidence and perspective. See you at the top, loves!