Top 10 Apps to Boost your Health and Wellness Goals

Everyone knows the hardest part about trying to reach any goal is the commitment! Every now and then we all get those “sparks of motivation” that make us want to try a little harder to be a little better. The New Year is coming up...time to get a gym pass (even though we only use it until about mid-February or so). It’s your Best Friend’s wedding! Time to lose weight to fit in the Bride’s Maid dress! You are headed home for the holidays...time to prep up for Mom’s cooking and nagging! Catching the spark is common, but building the flame and keeping it that’s a whole different kind of struggle!

Out of the 45 percent of people who make New Year’s resolutions each year, only 8 percent actually succeed. That statistic doesn’t just happen in the New Year either! So, why do we quit? There are various reasons, but many people can agree that life is hectic, we don’t have the support from friends, family, and peers to help us be successful, or maybe we just don’t hold ourselves accountable or feel the consequences of quitting. Sometimes we set unrealistic expectations or we take off more than we can chew! Also, if we are being completely honest-working out may just not be enjoyable to us!

In this post, I am highlighting 10 apps that may be the solution to your workout woes! From time management hacks to money-saving fitness solutions- try these apps out and get an added boost to your health and wellness goals!


There are so many benefits to having a personal trainer from ensuring you are working out safely and with proper form-to just making sure you are getting a good sweat session in! But trainers can be costly and often include the added gym membership on top of many other fees. Virtual training is on the rise and is becoming a popular way to receive training at a fraction of the cost! Try a virtual personal trainer with GymGO! GymGo is alive, 2-Way Online Personal Training Platform which allows you to choose your personal trainer and train anywhere you are! You can get your first session free! Additional sessions are as low as $15, making training with a professional more affordable and time-saving! You can also check out another digital studio that incorporates safe, virtual training via amazing fitness professionals! GoFitLive is a new and upcoming virtual studio based out of Washington, D.C. The first 15 days are free to try GoFitLive! After that, you can get a subscription for as low as $39.00 a month for 4 classes, making it only $10 per training session! Can’t beat that!  


If you are looking for a training program that offers lots of variety to meet your goals from running a half marathon training for a bike race-meet Aaptiv! Aaptiv is another virtual trainer that allows you to workout at the gym, outside, at home-anywhere! The difference between Aaptiv and the previous platforms mentioned is that the trainers are not live. But they are motivating and the music that is incorporated into Aaptiv training is also ON POINT! If you are reading “The Skimm” every morning to save yourself from scrolling through Facebook to get your news highlights-You can get a code to try Aaptiv for a month FREE! There is a trial period available and after it’s $9 for a monthly subscription!

NIKE Training and Skimble

Already a “gym-buff” and want to shake up your routine?! Highly recommend the NIKE Training app and/ or Skimble app! Both of these apps are FREE to join and they provide High-Intensity Interval Training workouts that are great for both strength training and weight loss! They have many choices to choose from and you can always upgrade to get an even bigger boost on your goals!

RescueTime, Space, and Offtime

Sometimes we just lose track of time or forget to prioritize our fitness regime into our schedule! The world keeps spinning’ faster and faster and we all stay very busy! But there are things we could probably spend less time doing to make more time for things like eating better and working out. Have you ever calculated how much time you spend on your phone or watching Netflix or TV? Try using apps like RescueTime, Space, and Offtime to help you take time away from distractions and find more time to develop consistency to your health and wellness goals. RescueTime allows you to visually see how much time you spend on your phone in various apps and searching. Offtime actually turns off apps and calls for a period of time and locks you out so you won’t be able to keep checking on who liked your status of IG photo every second.

Space uses neuroscience and AI to help you kick app addiction.No shame. No sponsors. Just a little breathing room to help you take back control. Space sends pop up alerts to remind you that you need to connect with real people. All GREAT things to help you manage time and get back on track!

There are many more apps to help assist with tracking your fitness and wellness goals! Check out this article by ACTIVE with the top 16 Best Fitness Apps for 2017! Make the choice to commit to your goals and set up a consistent routine! Remember, if it doesn’t challenge you-it won’t change you!