5 Ways to End 2017 Strong

5 Ways to End 2017 Strong

By: Tori Glaude (@toritaught_u)

It can be so easy to start thinking how much better next year will be than this year. Instead of letting the memories of 2017 be washed away into something of the past, here a few ways we can end this year on a strong note to prepare for an even greater next year...

Prioritize important tasks.

Instead of waiting for next year to be more in tune with your faith or intuition, start with December by writing out the things you would like to improve on and how you can go about them.

 For me, I want to have an outlined schedule to keep me accountable. In between a full-time job, taking information technology courses, blogging/book-writing and going to the gym, I'm going to create a full calendar where I know what I should be doing every day so that I won't feel overwhelmed.

Start planning fun events for next year now.

I once heard this quote, "the days go by slow, but the years go by fast." I couldn't agree more. Before you know it, next year will be here and then 2019 will be right around the corner. Planning events now will not only give you a leg-up on the spring-breakers and the last-minute summer vacations, it can possibly make for cheaper deals, more time to look at a vast of location options and saving opportunities. One of the worst situations about traveling at a short notice can be the spending-limit that you put on yourself. Why not alleviate that stress by planning your summer trips now?

Begin the "Let Go & Let God Process" now!

If you need to declutter your desk, bedroom, car or even purse - today is the time. Doing so now instead of the end of December/beginning of January will get you out of the mindset of waiting for the New Year's arrival to create productivity in your environment. You can do this by creating a rule for yourself – if you haven't worn those jeans in over 6 months, toss them out sis. Donating items can also be a great way to declutter and give to others who could really use that furniture, books or clothes.

Pick up a small, healthy habit.

The goal behind this is by the time January comes along, your mind will already be somewhat used to doing a daily activity. The key to this is to keep the habit small instead of taking on a larger task so soon. I had a bad habit of throwing clothes everywhere when I get home. One of the ways I eliminated having a cluttered room was making up my bed every morning. Once I made up my bed, it tricked my mind into thinking, "I just cannot start my day without picking up the rest of the clothes scattered around the room." It's honestly the smallest things that make a difference.

Take this month to start working on your health!

I'm not talking about another diet (tis' the season; treat you girl!), I mean an all-around health assessment. New Year's Day is always after the happy but stressful holiday season. Start thinking about what you can do differently to prepare for this time of the year than what you did last year. How can you treat yourself during stressful times? What foods can you eliminate to give you more energy? How can I deal with events or people so that I can remain in positive energy?

Try these out to ensure that your actions leading up to 2018 are reflected by how you decided to end 2017!