Katch Kollection Founder Lauren Allah: Young Millennial on the Rise

Realtor Lauren Allah always knew that the business of real estate would just be one of the many streams of income in building her legacy. When it comes to building her brand she is very transparent and continues to share valuable advice with young women of color on how to expand your business past your comfort zone.  Lauren Allah has been quietly expanding Katch Kollection to include T-Shirts that not only display woman empowerment but motivate the inner entrepreneur in us all. Twenty Somethin' & Black caught up with Lauren to share with us about the expansion of Katch Collection and how she hopes to impact the modern girl boss.


What inspired you to start Katch Kollection?

Katch Kollection was founded January 15, 2016. I started Katch Kollection because of my love for beauty. In college, I started working with different hair extension companies. I would be their brand ambassador in exchange for complimentary hair extensions. After so many companies began to reach out to me explaining that after I posted their products they would completely sell OUT, I  began to brand storm ideas of how I could launch my very own company. After years of researching the perfect product that I would 100% stand by but it was well worth it! I added the word “Kollection” because I knew that I wanted to add a variety of products to my company!

How did you come up with the logo and color scheme for your brand?

Katch Collection colors are pink and green which are my sorority colors and also are my favorite colors. They represent femininity and girl power!

What impact do you hope to make with your new line of girl boss T-Shirts?

I hope that my shirts will become a movement! I started off with three shirts which are aimed towards women who are in Real Estate. The three shirts include "This lady sells homes," "I came, I saw, I sold," and “Drink a little coffee, sell a lot of homes.” Since I became a licensed Realtor, I have received hundred of emails and direct messages asking for advice on how someone can get their name out into the Real Estate World after passing the state exam. I randomly came up with this idea and it completely took off very quickly. After launching my shirts, “Your new FAB agent” I began to receive messages from women who weren't Realtors but still loved the shirts! This is when I launched the line of “Hustle in Heels” shirts for women who are out hustling every single day, living their best lives.

Did you face any major struggles while building your brand? How did you press through them?

By the grace of God, I have not encountered anything that I couldn’t handle. I have experienced times where I have had more orders than inventory! This has been extremely stressful as I try to ship out my orders within two days with priority shipping, meaning my clients receive their orders within the same week of purchase. Communication is key. I build relationships with my clients so a simple e-mail explaining the situation and a small surprise for the inconvenience, makes any experience with my company worthwhile.

What type of resources would you advise entrepreneurs to access in order to get into your line of business?

Research everything! Whether you are reading books or simply googling questions you may have. Write everything down and have a business plan. Look for vendors who are affordable but vendors who also have quality products! 

How importance is consistency on social media when running an online business?

OMG it’s everything! Market and stay consistent. Make sure you are always thinking of your target audience! Always ask yourself who is going to purchase your products. My target audience are women between 18-35. I always keep this in mind with everything I do pertaining to my business. 

How much money should one expect to save/invest before launching a product line?

Save as much as possible for any errors that may come along the way. I would recommend a minimum of $300 for t-shirts and a minimum of $5,000 for hair extensions. There are many fees involved, so this is what I consider the bare minimum to get started without having a website or business cards.

Are there any common scams novice entrepreneurs should look out for when starting a hair or t-shirt line?

Of course! There are many scams especially in the hair extensions industry! It is very important to do as much research as possible! Ask questions and google different vendors before making any purchases! Before placing a large order, ask for samples as well as what the minimum order number is. Test out all of your products before selling anything. It is very important to sell quality products.

What tips can you give on getting and keeping clients/buyers?

Always stay professional, engage with your clients and have good customer service skills. Market as much as you can. When sending out orders, add a personal touch to your packaging. Check in on past clients asking them for any feedback on ways your company can improve.

What is the next step for Katch Kollection?

I have so many new things in store for Katch Collection in 2018! New products, new packaging and a ton of surprises!