Key Clothing Items Every Twenty Somethin’ Needs


Key Clothing Items Every Twenty Somethin’ Need

By Chelsea of ShadesofChelsea.Com

As a woman in her early (almost mid) twenties, I know how tough it can be on your wallet when you're just starting the life of adulting after college. Paying rent, paying more in gas money to get back and forth from work, and bills piling on top of bills is just the start of a long journey of a spending all of your hard-earned money. 

One of the main things that many young women tend to over-spend on is, you guessed it, clothing and accessories. This is especially true while making the transition from college to a new job due to changing your style and building your "big girl" wardrobe. 

I firmly believe that buying essential wardrobe pieces is better than buying what's trendy. Trendy is for the "now" and will soon be out of style, and you'll be out of money. Personally, I have fallen victim to the trendy, fast-fashion clothing and I found that not only would the trend go out of style fast, but the quality wouldn't be lasting either. This is where essentials come into play.

Essentials for your wardrobe are timeless clothes that can be worn over and over while always staying in style. I know what you're thinking, that's boring. While it may sound simple, pairing essentials and basics can create tons of super cute and fashionable outfits.

As I mentioned before, when starting out at a new job, you may find that you need a whole new wardrobe to fit the nature of your job. The key to saving money is to buy clothing for work that can also be easily transformable to your casual and weekend wear. 

Here are three key clothing items I believe are great essentials to have for effortless "work-to-weekend" style. 

Slim Fit Pants

Wearing slacks to work everyday can be boring and limiting. Slacks are kind of like the typical business-casual pants for women, but by wearing slim-fit pants or trousers, you can dress these up much more easily. Some of my favorite style of slim-fit pants are chinos and jacquard pants.

How to wear for work: (picture source)


How to wear for weekend: (picture source

White Button-Down Blouse

A white button-down blouse is probably my favorite closet essential because it can be transformed in to whatever you want to make it. It's perfect to wear to work underneath a blazer, or tucked into pants and skirts. You can also wear it tied up with a pair of high-waisted jeans and some cute heels.

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How to wear for weekend: (picture source)


When I first started working, all I wore was ballet flats. Since my work environment is business-casual, heels aren't really the norm. I found myself getting tired of wearing flats everyday and wanting a more stylish shoe. That shoe happened to be a loafer! I am in love with loafers now because they go with everything and are perfect for the office. I also wear my loafers as everyday shoes since they're so comfy. 

How to wear for work: (picture source)

How to wear for weekend: (picture source)

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With these pieces in your closet, you'll look fly in and out of the office! 

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