Morning/Night Routines to Promote Self-Care & Self-Love: A Chat with Nya Alemayhu of @YogaWithNya

Morning/Night Routines to Promote Self-Care & Self-Love: A Chat with Nya Alemayhu of @YogaWithNya

BY: Derika Crowley

There’s an old saying that goes something along the lines of, “if you don’t love yourself, then how can you love anyone else?” While there are many different variations of the popular phrase, the main message that you should love yourself before anything (or anyone) remains apparent.

In a world where relationships are glorified as a modern day holy grail and singleness after a certain age is sometimes viewed as an unfortunate event, self-care and self-love seem to often get thrown to the wayside. But, this doesn’t make it any less important. In a world where we are continuously told that you need a soulmate to complete you, how do we get to a point where we know that loving ourselves is enough?

I recently had a conversation with Nya Alemayhu of Yoga with Nya in DC about self-love and it’s importance, and she shed light on a concept I never considered before - that self-love and self-care are not only synonymous but can’t exist without one another.  Every day, it’s important to take time out to pamper and appreciate yourself, and have a moment of self-reflection. Not solely for the sake of maintaining your skin (though it is important), but for the sake of maintaining your sanity in the midst of this crazy and backwards world we live in.

Incorporate a Morning/Bed-Time Routine

“For me, my morning routine includes: drinking hot lemon water, taking 10 – 12 minutes to sit at my alter and reflect, and making myself breakfast.”

Morning rituals are important because they allow you to gather your thoughts and mentally prepare yourself for your day instead of just jumping head first into your tasks.

Make Time to Exercise

“[For me] yoga has helped process the struggles and the process of being human.” 

Appreciate the Alone Time

“If you’re not alone during your morning routine, you aren’t going to be able to clearly hear yourself and what you want.”

Always Put Yourself First

“Self-love is the only love that’s unconditional. It’s the answer to everything because you want to be able to rely on yourself.”

Nya of @YogaWithNya

A morning routine template (to get you started)

  • Make Your Bed

  • Make and Drink Hot Lemon Water/Tea

  • Take Two (2) – Ten (10) Minutes to Breathe/Show Gratitude/Pray

  • Make Breakfast

  • Exercise (if time permits)

A bed-time routine template (to get you started)

  • Take a Hot Shower

  • Moisturize Your Body

  • Put on Some Comfy Pajamas

  • Light a Candle

  • Drink Some Water

  • Read or Journal for Fifteen (15) Minutes

  • Pray

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