Testimonial on Finding Your Dream Job | Ashli Doss

It's funny that I’m writing this because it’s so timely. I recently had a former journalism graduate from my alma mater call me to say that my professor wanted them to reach out to me regarding my experience as a news reporter. This student was in the exact same position I was in nearly three years ago. She had graduated in December, and fast forward five months later after applying to hundreds of jobs, she’s just waiting for the call from at least one news director. The call came from a station in Montana, where I first began my career as a reporter (how ironic right?). I shared with her that when it comes to finding your dream job it’s a journey; it’s a process and won’t happen overnight.

The weekend I graduated from college, was when I received my own call from Montana. I had a friend call me, who was working in my hometown as a journalism teacher, and asking if I had plans to return home the following week, and wanted to know if I could come shadow her in her classroom. So, I said, "sure why not?"After all, I had no classes that Monday, nor did I have a job to report to. But that quickly changed.

I had spent so much time focusing on graduation that I didn’t apply to any jobs and had no idea what my next step would be. After spending a day with her she expressed to me that she had accepted a new job in Pittsburgh and would be moving at the end of the month. She asked if I was interested in the job, and if so when could I start? I interviewed for the position and within weeks I was hired. Although I always dreamt of being a teacher there was still a huge part of me that longed to be in a newsroom putting my degree to use. I was grateful to have a job right out of college because it was an opportunity that not many graduates receive. However, after about six months I began applying for jobs, and within a few months, I had an interview at a local station in Tallahassee. I received an offer, and within a week they rescinded it due to my driving record. I was devastated, but I didn’t give up and kept applying for jobs. Fast forward a few months later, and I had accepted a position as a news reporter across the country in Great Falls, Montana. Six months in I was let go and began to doubt if this was ever a dream I was meant to pursue.

Since receiving another opportunity to work in my career field, what I originally thought would be my dream job has quickly changed. God had thrown so many curveballs my way that I began to realize that He is in control of my destiny and it’s just up to me to just stay the course.  At first, I thought my story would be a simple one to tell. I would return to my hometown, become a news anchor, and retire after being on the desk for 30 years. But then something clicked. It was almost like I was putting limits on my potential and the overall idea of what success should look like. I've since thought to myself that yes that can be a goal, but once you reach the top television station in your hometown what’s next? Do you really want to stay in the same place for 30 years? Perhaps I do but why not reach even higher?  

I’m always inspired by powerful women in television and last year I read the book “Year of Yes” by author and television producer Shonda Rhimes. Her story inspired me because it showed me you truly can have it all. When she began to say "yes" to the things that scared her, such as taking leaps of faith in her career, that’s when she truly began to see her dreams unfold. I’ve since taken on that same mindset.  Why limit myself to just being a local news anchor? Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but my goal is to step outside of my comfort zone (maybe one day become a correspondent or news anchor for a major news network such as CNN or Good Morning America). Why wear one hat, when I can be an author, an entrepreneur, or a philanthropist, all while being a wife and a mother (years from now of course lol)?

As I began to learn new skills and to stretch myself beyond what I thought I was capable, I realized that when it comes to your dream job it's not about the dream itself, but it's about the journey it takes until you reach that dream. Your journey won’t be like anyone else’s and that’s ok. God gave you the vision and the gifts to see it through. It’s about reaching your fullest potential and although you may fail at first, failure is not an option. Step out on faith and eliminate fear and you too can make your dream job a reality. 

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