Black Women in Business Erika Clark of Ehoney LLC | @EHoneyLLC

Ehoney is a skin care and beauty brand created for all skin tones based on research. In addition, it’s designed and formulated for women and men of color with all skin types from normal, dry, oily, combination and sensitive. The company’s founder, Erika Clark, started working on Ehoney LLC in 2014 and it was officially launched November 2016.

“It is important to use natural products on your skin as much as possible because of how sensitive and delicate skin of color is. You also want to use natural products because the benefits and effectiveness provided by the ingredients are unmatched. Minimizing chemicals, parabens, and sulfates are extremely beneficial to the way your skin looks, feels, and your overall health as we know many chemicals are linked to cancer, allergic reactions, and other health risks.” – Erika Clark

A lot of times when people hear the words “natural” or “organic” thrown in front of a brand or product, automatically they think it’s too expensive and not worth the money. But, there are a lot of benefits tied into adopting an all-natural lifestyle. Our skin absorbs up to 60% of what it encounters, allowing harmful chemicals to move more freely past the outside layer of the skin. That means all the chemicals and artificial additions in your cleansers and lotions are not only touching the top layer of your skin but can also soak in beneath.

Yes, it is cheaper to buy a synthetic, toxic ingredient than it is to buy a natural, effective substance such as a plant or food grade nutrient, but natural skin care products are a beneficial investment. When using truly natural skincare products, your skin will look and feel its absolute best. In addition, not all-natural products are as expensive as you may think. Most items available within the Ehoney line range are about $25, and she offers a basket deal for $65 (she also always has sales).

“…depending on your skin type and needs you must decide and put a spending limit. Cheap doesn't mean bad and natural doesn't always mean expensive. I will put it this way, A natural product that cost $50 and only last 2 months is not necessary but a product that cost $20 and last two months compared to a $8-10 product loaded with chemicals, the $20 is worth it.”

When you eliminate toxins and synthetic chemicals from your routine, your skin will start to respond to the natural nutrients you are supplying. You can also experience quicker results, and skin that is glowing, healthy, and balanced. Ehoney’s best-selling product, the Goddess Glow cleansing scrub, works well on women who wear heavy makeup or those who want a deep clean, by quickly rid of the dead skin cell and dirt builds up. Everyone needs a great gentle cleansing scrub that both cleanses and moisturizes using ingredients that feed your skin, not dry or strip it.

You can make sure your products are all natural by reading the labels, looking up information and asking an expert. Quick and easy info can be found online a website like which campaign for safe cosmetics.

The ‘Ehoney” Formula for an Ideal Skincare Routine

  • An ideal skin care routine is cleansing two times in the morning when you wake up, moisturize with a dime size all over your face and apply sunscreen. In the evening cleanse twice, gently exfoliate in the shower (every other day), moisturize.


  • Apply a clay mask, sit for 15 minutes and rinse off then apply moisturizer once a week before bed.


  • To get fancy or just add extras for great appearance eye creams/gels/serums and topicals or spot treatments can be added in on a person to person basis. Some people may add an eye gel or cream in if they want to make sure their eyes are bright and are practicing anti-aging. Topicals or spot treatments are used for people struggling with breakouts or are concerned about anti-aging as well.