The Best Investment You will Ever Make: Lessons From My Hairstylist

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When many people think of “entrepreneurs”, they tend to think of people who lead big meetings, travel the world with endless amounts of money, have high fashion, have incredible love lives, their Instagram and Facebook feeds are flawless, they are super creative yet crazy risk takers, that are taking the world by storm! People think of those “entrepreneurs” with all their self-help books and “gurus” trying to help people “work less” and “earn millions”.  In today’s world, it would seem that anyone who sets up a weekend garage sale or a side hustle flipping shirts on eBay has the right to classify themselves as being an “entrepreneur” on their social media profile.

Despite the ideas that we tend to have in regard to entrepreneurs,  being an entrepreneur is A LOT of work and takes time and INVESTMENT!  If you are solely focused on yourself and how you can be successful, where you will position yourself in the market, how you can get the most money and stay at the top- the struggle to be a successful entrepreneur will be so real! As entrepreneur Chris Brogan puts it, ““It is never about looking down at your own bellybutton. It is 100% about reaching out and helping other people. Entrepreneurship is actually the act of giving to others and serving others and then extracting some value back from it. That’s how you make your money.”

In order to better understand the efforts of becoming a TRUE entrepreneur, I interviewed my hair stylist Maiysha Johnson to learn about her path to building a successful hair company. Maiysha owns a company called “Picture Perfect Hair-by Maiysha Johnson”. She is the sole owner of this company in which she specializes in natural hair styles, weaves, extensions, as well as makes, and sales, customized wigs! She never uses chemicals and has a strong focus on promoting healthy hair.  I love getting my hair done by Maiysha because she takes her time and really focuses on me and what I want! I asked Maiysha what her favorite part of the her job was. She responded, “ The Transformation! I love making people look good! It makes me feel good. I love making people feel good about their hair, which is their crown jewel.”

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“Some of my most memorable stories are just seeing the joy in a client's face from me transforming hair. I love seeing clients have that change!”

Just as Brogan stated, entrepreneurship is more about service to others more than oneself. Johnson recognizes this and also attributes this to her success. She really focuses on her clients and makes sure they are getting long term satisfaction with their hair.

“Healthy hair first! The health of my clients hair is more important to me than the style itself. I'm a traveling stylist as well. You can count on me to care about your time. I also really care about my clients and strive to give my undivided attention.”

Becoming a successful entrepreneur takes time, service, and a lot of investment. Johnson says, “Always invest in your skill. Always be learning something new. Always increase your education. Don't be afraid to invest in yourself. “  When working on your goals, remember that THE BEST INVESTMENT YOU CAN MAKE IS IN YOURSELF! Investing in yourself will not only improve your life, it will improve the lives of all those around you.

One last tip from Maiysha to help you flourish as a thriving entrepreneur, “Find a mentor! Look for someone who is passionate and dedicated doing what you want to do. Learn from them. Always be educating yourself!” Also, don’t be afraid to be you, whatever that version of you is! Whether is it natural hair, weave, or wig! Johnson says, “If you don't have naturally healthy hair, you can use a wig as a protective style while you get your hair back to a healthy natural style. Wearing your hair naturally isn't always for everyone and that's okay!”

For all of us out there chasing that entrepreneur dream! Do something today that your future self with thank you for!