Player, Coach and Cheerleader: The Roles I Set for Me, Myself and I

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I am such a fan of people who have a strong and loyal support system. For many, this system consists of family, their crew of friends or a group of mentors. These people lift you up when you’re down, encourage you to stay the course when you’re about to throw in the towel, and call you out on your mess when you’re feeling yourself a bit too much. What a blessing. The truth is, however, that we should all have a bit of this push within ourselves also, and ensure that we can maintain a level of consistency autonomously.

When you think about it, life is about achieving a goal, or series of goals… ultimately, going for the win. Every challenge we face is a part of the “game”, and in a game, there are three key parties that make things happen: the player, the coach, and the cheerleader.

It’s important that we consider each carefully for their impact to greatness:

The Player

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Well, that’s you! Simply put, the player carries out the goals and directives that have been set so that they take home the prize. Aside from practice and drills, the player must exercise discipline to avoid distractions and really tap into their potential. To be a better player, one must be mindful of their diet, habits, and how they spend their time. The people around them want them to win, but more than anything, they want themselves to win and understand that they must bring their best every time. Are you giving your all at your job, in growing your business, or on your personal project? Anything less than your best simply won’t earn the win.

The Coach

A coach’s job is to assist each player in their development and ultimate plan a strategy. They facilitate growth and carefully track the progression of the team. What are key strengths? How can we minimize weaknesses? What behaviors are getting in the way of advancement? Just as a coach would consider these questions, we should ask ourselves the same. Accountability is everything – and it’s not always packaged in pretty wrapping with a bow on top. Never have I heard anyone refer to their coach nice, but almost everyone I’ve met who plays a sport agreed that their coach was tough. Likewise, we must push ourselves, establish forms of discipline, and track our growth over time to make sure we’re building a stronger, better us.

The Cheerleader

This role can sometimes be the hardest for people. We are often harder on ourselves than we need to be, and don’t celebrate the little wins we accomplish if they don’t seem as important as what we expected.  The cheerleader’s role is to bring excitement throughout the entire game. Whether the player fumbles or makes a touch-down, the cheerleader is enthusiastic, hopeful, but most of all assured during the pursuit of the win. What mantras do you have in place to get you through life’s journeys? Are you cheering yourself on and speaking life into your situation?

By acquiring each of these attitudes and roles for yourself, you build a whole system that works toward achieving the desires of your heart. A perfect balance is struck between accountability, drive, and self – confidence.

Get out there and make yourself proud. Go, team, go!