Growing as a Christian: Being In Your Seed Form


Growing as a Christian: Being In Your Seed Form

By: Monique Richardson

A seed is defined as “an embryo of a new plant or living thing that requires to be buried in soil or other suitable matter to trigger of the renewal process” (TheGuardian). In some part of our lives, we all have been a seed; a seed continues to grow in life. When growing as a Christian, we are building the foundation of faith and renewal to our lives. New seed, new journey. We are vulnerable in this form


Do not rush your process. You might not be in the place you want to be right now. Worrying about this will lead you off track. Appreciate where you are right now and focus on where you want to go. Look at the things you have in your possession and utilize them. Working part-time but need a full-time opportunity? Utilize the rest of those off hours to build. Looking to start a business, but don’t have the space? Utilize your laptop and that space in your room. Trying to write a book? Start with a chapter. Appreciate where you are and grow from there.


Bigger Is Better

In our seed form, we pray for mediocre things. God laughs when we do. He wants to provide greater than what we ask of him. When we pray for the things we feel are unimaginable, it increases our faith. Increasing our faith, brings God closer to our lives and happiness and abundance.


God listens to your prayer. But he likes action. A seed is fed with things that are needed to grow. Fuel your life with positivity and effort for preparation to grow into the future. Whether its helping someone else, giving your time, getting up an extra hour every day, listening to podcasts and sermons, paying tithes, and becoming a better person; its all an effort. Let Him see you move. He will do his part.


Statues don’t grow. They will always see people pass by living their lives while cold as stone. As long as you stay the same, you will never see a difference in your life. Staying in the same place, same crowd, same character will not lead you to growth. Change means growing. While in a seed form, we fear what change will bring us; we even become our own enemy. Push the negativity and doubts away. Pray for guidance and faith.  


Didn’t get the promotion? Friend brought a new house? Sibling got a new car? Cousin graduated from graduate school? Co-worker started a side business? All the things you’ve been praying for and everyone else got them. It’s frustrating. But when you’re in the seed form, you learn not everyone has the same path as you. You don’t know what people had to go through or sacrifice to get where they are now. Nothing is easy. Instead, turn on your blinders and focus on your path. A growing person will be happy for those people; never feel discourage. God doesn’t give up on you, so never give up him and your journey.