Put Your Faith Where Your Passion Is

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Put Your Faith Where Your Passion Is

By: Nikia Bundage

When you were younger, you were introduced to something you loved, and that love has never gone away, that’s passion.  As you got older, you heard many successful people telling others to follow their dreams even when it’s scary. Those people have faith; and that’s exactly what they use to fuel their passion.

For your passion to succeed you must have faith in it. Our faithfulness to our passion and desires determine the final product and our success. That means not only do you have to have faith that it will work, but you also must be faithful and intentional to make sure that your passion leads to success. Your passion is the seed. Therefore, if you want a beautiful flower to bloom you are required to nurture the seed first.

The first step is investing in your passion, it’s the water that makes your seed grow. Do you have enough faith in your passion to invest in yourself? Realize, investments aren’t always monetary as they can also be educational or in the form of networking. Everyone’s passion is different so don’t focus on what someone else is doing. Instead focus on what will help you grow and to succeed.

Next, protect your investments. Just as you would make sure to protect your flower from harsh cold you should protect your passion from anyone who isn’t supportive. Those are the people who will have you questioning yourself and make you wonder why you have so much faith in something that hasn’t reached its full potential. Just because people can’t see the seed, doesn’t mean you didn’t plant it. It’s still there. So, is your dream. So, is GOD.

What happens if you don’t have faith in your passion? Well, simply your passion will only be a dream and never come to pass. That flower won’t grow if you don’t plant the seed. Your passion won’t succeed if you don’t have enough faith to invest in yourself. You have to have faith and be willing to take a chance on yourself. That’s the only way your passion will come to life.

Joel Osteen once said, “God would not have put a dream in your heart if He had not already given you everything you need to fulfill it”. Do you believe it? I do. There are so many ways to fulfill your passion and the best part is you don’t always need money to see it come alive. God always gives us what we need to make our dreams come true. Once, we use our faith to follow the dream God gave us we can reach unimaginable potential. So, what are you waiting for? But remember, faith…without work…is dead.