What Does It Mean to be Twenty Somethin' & Black in 2018


What Does It Mean to be Twenty Somethin' & Black in 2018

By: Tori Glaude

Since the theme of TSB is empowering women to ‘get it together,’ we wanted to shed light on what it means to be Twenty Somethin’ and Black during this time. Throughout the year, we’ve seen our people face many adversities as well as many wins. It’s great to have a reminder of how far we came and how we envision our future. Read on to recap on the highlights and what this year means for us.  

Stay Woke on what’s going on

Being “Twenty Somethin’ and Black” in 2018 means being woke when it comes to politics. It’s hard to not pay attention to some of the things we hear in the news. We’re at the time of our lives where the President’s decisions can affect our future, our economic security, and our freedom. In fact, one of the things we are witnessing is the President vocally condemn Colin Kaepernick while staying silent during the white supremacists’ rallies.

Moments like that or even during the news of a Dallas officer killing a black man in his own home being are reasons why we must stay vigilant about our purpose and stay cautious about our surroundings. The best thing we can do is to learn more and keep evolving as people. Being young is an advantage; we have the power to create and change our future through voting, standing for what we believe in and staying alert.

Getting’ your own money is a thing and I’m here for it

Creating and sustaining your wealth mindset. Is it just me, or is there a lot more of us who are finding their entrepreneurial spirit? Even in such a divisiveness time, there are still signs of unity and support for black businesses. We are the next generation so it’s time to think about investing in our own money. Being in your twenties while taking advantage of the different side hustles can create opportunities for your future. Start by thinking about what’s the one thing you could do for the next five years without getting paid? If you know the answer to that question, then that’s where you could start your side hustle. Even if it’s not your goal to start your own business, it’s a great idea to begin thinking of the next higher-level career paths you can take to help eliminate debt, save more money, and buy that house or car!

Being black isn’t a limitation

I know many of us who have felt oppressed by the system, or feel out of place in non-ethnic environments, or can’t change anything because of the color of our skin. Going into the next year, we should have the attitude of feeling empowered to be women of color.

It can be hard to feel inspired at times when we see successful black women like Serena Williams who is the only tennis player that has to get routinely drug tested, accused of cheating and criticized for what she wears. Serena could’ve stopped after the criticism, the offensive remarks or even after she had her daughter. Her strength and ability to keep going forward as one of the best tennis players of all time is what gives me the courage to keep believing that anything is possible. Don’t look at being black as a disadvantage; it’s a gift and you should set the standards for how you want to live your life.

We are creating our OWN movements

We’re hearing about protests led by the Black Lives Matter movement. Younger celebrities are speaking up about their own experiences with injustice, police brutality and racial profiling. But as always, we are setting the trends and making stuff happen. We see young women like Simone Biles breaking records and Ginai Seabron becoming the first black nano-scientist at age 22. We are making strides and all. There are growing platforms dedicated to advancing black people. Never stop believing in what we can create! There is inspiration everywhere and enough support for everyone to win. And if that isn’t enough inspiration then Issa Rae’s hit HBO show Insecure is what we all need (just saying).