Staying True to Your Character


Staying True to Your Character

By: Janaé Deshanelle

As we all know life is filled with a lot of temptation and pressure to fit into a certain mold. New trends always emerging, people reflecting their opinions on what they believe is in, and of course social media putting pressure on others to fit into societies standards of beauty. Being true to yourself is something which takes real commitment. When being true you should be honest with yourself and remember your core values/beliefs. Each and every individual is special in their own way and you would not be you if you followed others.

Knowing the difference between being true to yourself and following others takes time. Reflect on what makes you, you. Communicate your feelings about yourself to yourself, and others who you trust. Allowing yourself to be open, honest, and true will help you in staying true to your moral compass. For example if you ever feel uncomfortable in any situation, you should more than likely go with your gut feeling and not sway your beliefs. If you are in a certain situation, and you have to think twice, you know the situation does not fit into your morals and beliefs.

By learning to pay attention to your deeper feelings and senses, and creating greater awareness in your life, you can establish a stronger connection to yourself and feel confident in knowing what is truly you. Staying true is a matter of personal integrity and self respect. It involves standing up for your own values and not caving into the demands or expectations of others. Being true to yourself can lead to independence, confidence, happiness, and an ability to navigate through life more effectively, leading to a sense of fulfillment that you have given your best self to the world. It can be tough to navigate life with personal integrity and a sense of self.

Some ways to make sure you are on the right path to staying true are prayer, meditation, daily reflections and writing your feelings in a journal or anywhere else you feel comfortable. Remember your purpose in life and not worrying about what others path in life might be. Also, most importantly taking responsibility for your own life and well being.