Woman to Woman: Let's Uplift Each Other


Woman to Woman: Let's Uplift Each Other

By: Diahni Sample

I have noticed lately that so many of the young and older queens do not get along with each other. Society has made all women of all backgrounds and ages literally compete with each other. On a daily basis we see women fighting each other, bashing each other and calling eachother out. As women, we have to take a step back and ask ourselves how did we get to this point in time where we hate eachother so much. Everything's a competition from who looks the best, to who has the best body to the competition over men. We literally will be ready to kill each other over the title of being a man’s main chick. I cant even lie and say that I haven't done it myself. I have found myself gossiping about another queen because of my own insecurities. I have found myself disliking another queen and being disgusted at hearing her name because of the jealousy and hate I built up for her over a man. It is sad that we all for short to these habits and sometimes we don't even realize it. I remember finding satisfaction in seeing another queen get her heart broken until it happens to me and I realized that you never know what something feels like until it happens to you and then the joke is on you.

That is why I am writing this article. I want to break the cycle and the curse of tearing another queen down based on our own insecurities. Every woman is suffering and battling with some kind of personal issue and the last thing she needs is to feel like she cant even turn to a sister because we hate eachother so much. I know it's hard to break a cycle that is thrown in our faces everyday with examples like love and hip hop or Cardi B vs Nicki Minaj. You may ask yourself how can this cycle ever be broken when we see it happen with the same queens we look up too and get inspired be. The truth is, the cycle can be broken we just have to be willing to fix it. We have to stand up as queens together and realize when we are putting ourselves in those positions. You may ask why should this even be a topic and I am going to list the reasons why this is so important in our world today.

Women get bashed everyday by men in our society from tv to music, they devalue us everyday and see us as property rather than women with value. It is hard to deal with gaining the basic respect from men, so why add on another load and have to gain it from another woman? We have to do better and realize what's important.

The younger girls need role models to look up too. So many of us are hurting and confused because of what the world is throwing at us. So many young girls being abused and taken advantage of everyday and not having anyone to turn too. They end up looking to celebrities that they think are perfect and then they see these celebrities bashing each other so they think it's right.

This is the last and most valuable reason. WE ALL CAN WIN! WE ALL ARE QUEENS! WE ALL SLAY! This is not a competition, not one woman on this earth is perfect or better then the next. We all deal with confusion, heartache, insecurities and personal failures so we all deserve to have eachothers back especially when the men out here aren't going to have it for us. They don't always understand what it is like to be a woman so we need each other.