How I Healed from Betrayal (Part 1)


How I Healed from Betrayal (Part 1)

By: donna james

It was a rainy day in May 2018. Absolutely NO sun in the sky, with only grey clouds and puddles of water. I was in Orlando with “family,” celebrating another year of life for my fiancé’s dad. As you could imagine, it was a happy moment until it was time to return home.

My fiancé was a gentleman and carried the bags to the car leaving his cellphone behind (this NEVER happens).  Women have an intuition by which they should adhere, similar to how Police Officers respond to clues. They each make note of these feelings because it could very well be the thing that save their life. So you can only imagine what you get with a woman, that’s also a Police Officer.

Needless to say, I felt that his phone being left behind may have been a mistake for him, but a “clue” for me. I went through it. Yes! Yes I did. And you wouldn’t believe what I saw. Wait! Yes you could.

I smiled, gave hugs and told everyone goodbye walking to the car. See, being an Alpha woman you are ALWAYS steps ahead. I offered to drive. We got into the car and I asked for, my then fiancé to tell me the truth. He reacted like all cheaters do and I continued to demand that he told me the truth. Of course, he played stupid. I didn’t want to show my behind, so I drove to a nearby gas station and requested, for the last time, that he told me the truth. He started talking. Well, in that moment I refused to listen to another lying tongue and I slapped the mess out of him. Yes I said it, I slapped him clear across his face, with his response being that he deserved it and more. With tears running down my face and the anger in my voice, I had —had enough.

Questions you may have at this point:

How did I get to this point?

How did verbal arguments, turn into rage and caused me to become physical?

Why didn’t I recognize sooner that my relationship would come to this?

Did I walk away or did I give him ANOTHER chance?

See, falling in love and being vulnerable with someone can open your eyes to a plethora of emotions. But as a woman, it is absolutely important that you remain grounded in your core values — you have to be able to stand on what you believe is right, even when everything and everyone is against you.

All three of my relationships ended because I wanted better for myself. I wouldn’t consider my ex boyfriends “bad people”, they were just not the ones for me;  I had to realize that and act according.

Throughout my series I will be discussing how I recognize that my relationships were not healthy and how I chose my happiness even if it caused embarrassment etc.

My first relationship lasted 4+ years — How did I walk away from a 4+ years relationship?

[Next part of this article will continue in part 2]