Success Without A Roadmap


Success Without A Roadmap

By Nikia Bundage

Life is all about learning lessons. But, what happens when there’s no one to teach you? Well, if you want to be successful; you try, fail, try again, fail again, and then you win. Win, win, win, win! Ayyyyyeee! Okay, seriously. We all know what it is like to have dreams. However, we don’t all know what it takes to reach those dreams. To be honest, it’s no one’s fault.

Often times, you may hear older generations say that times have changed. As a result of the changes time has brought, many of us millennials are reaching milestones that our parents and/or grandparents didn’t even dream of doing. Their ability to reach these levels of success wasn’t because they were incapable or lacked intelligence, but rather due to them simply just not having the needed resources. There was once a time where a middle school education was considered a luxury that generations before us were not afforded in life.


So, what do we do with a goal that has yet to be reached by anyone in our family?

First, share your goals with your family. You’d be surprised by the amount of information that your circle is sitting on that can be used to your benefit. Just because they haven’t had the opportunity to reach a certain level of success themselves, doesn’t mean they can’t tell you how to get there. Even if they can’t tell you what works, they can definitely tell you what doesn’t work. At the end of day, no elder wants to see you make the same mistakes they have made or been exposed to in their lives. They want better for us. Let them guide you in your pursuits.

Next, look for someone outside of your circle. There is absolutely nothing wrong with asking for help from other people, especially if they have achieved something you’re also working to accomplish. Advisers, mentors, online forums; all of these avenues of support and information can help guide you. If no one has done what you’re setting out to do, find someone who has gotten close or has reached a similar goal. Your paths may be more alike than you think. Also, many people who are already doing what you want to do will answer many questions that you want to ask. But the gag is… you have to have the confidence to ask the questions.

Finally, write down your goals. Make your own blueprint. Your blueprint is what you must write down the needs you’re knowledgeable of and what still needs to be figured out. The whole “stay in your lane” mentality is very important at this phase of your process. You can’t try to keep up with the Jones, or the Kardashians for that matter. You have to be true to yourself, your capabilities, and your resources. For example, if you only have the finances for an associate degree…that’s okay!! Get that degree and level up! Once you enter the work force and save a little bit, you can finish your bachelor’s degree.

There are a lot of things that I now know, that I wasn’t aware of in the beginning of my professional pursuits. However, every time I was open to it, I learned something new on this journey. I was never too prideful to put my newfound knowledge to use. I have and still do a lot of research to continue to reach my aspirations, which are the professional heights that no one else has reached. I’m not selfish with this information. I share all my life hacks that I’ve learned with anyone I feel may find them useful. At the end of the day, I’m grateful to be the roadmap for those who come after me.