Being Mindful While Black and in your 20s


Being Mindful While Black and in your 20s 

By: Monique Richardson

We are young, bright, and ready for the world and what it has to offer us. Furthermore, we also have so much to lose. Due to our constant gaining of mindfulness with every action, word, and behavior we give to the world, we can impact those around us on new levels. In other words, being conscious or aware of the people, tonalities, activities, and words you give on social media and in-person will have a great impact whether you see it instantly or in 20 years. In the hopes of being intentional while Black in your 20s, I bring a few points to make you understand the importance of mindfulness.


At the End of the Season

While in your 20s, you have your close friends, acquaintances, and besties. These are the people who you know are going to rock with you till the end of time. But as time continues, you’ll grow into a new version of yourself. You may realize that the bestie from undergrad isn’t complementary to your growth and development into the new person you are becoming. This person can even feel as if they are holding you back because they still want to chill through life while you’re on your grind. There will be moments in your 20s when you need to reevaluate your mentors (who can also be your friends) and where you want to go in the next 10 years. It’s important to consider this question: Can you bring them with you as they are with who you are growing to become in mind?


Time Isn’t on Our Side

Now is the time for learning, mistakes, experiences, and exploration. As African Americans, we are not encouraged to do most of these because of fear or intimidation. If you are mindful of these two issues, fear and intimidation and the negative impact that they can have on your journey, you will enjoy your 20s freely without challenge.


We Are A Part of the Culture of Chill

 No goals. No worries. No challenge. The culture of chill is not what we need to be a part of as we grow in our 20s. We should be looking for change in the world of politics, economics, and environment. We can be that change!  Work needs to be done.


Listen To What They Might’ve Said

 We always hear from our parents about how things have changed or how to be safe. We always get lectures reminding us that the world has changed. Be grateful and listen. Learn from the past, so that we can understand the future. Those few moments of listening, can have an impact that will last a lifetime; accept that knowledge.


Be Bold

We are stereotyped, copied and pasted into mainstream outlets, and fluid in creativity. Our boldness to express our culture, language, and personality may not be accepted; but we don’t need the approval from others to be ourselves. Continue to be proud of who you are and remember what it took for you to get to this place of acceptance of self.


Over Night Isn’t Here

Frustration of plans not going the way you want, can lead to a goal or dream being demolished. It is the process of looking within yourself and examining your plan of action that will make your tasks prosper. Enjoy the journey you’re on now, it’s a once-in-a-lifetime experience to learn in your 20s. 

 We have to be mindful while we’re in our twenties. What we do now, can make an impact on us and the generations after us. There are opportunities and intellect we have yet to discover. Again, we are a target and the light of many things; we all are still learning this revelation.