How I Healed From Betrayal (Part II)




Never let a couple of good memories make you move backwards. Look ahead and move on—

I thought I was in love with my high school sweetheart. But what I learned was that love should NEVER hurt. Despite the fact that we were together for 4+ years it was a high school relationship and my first relationship. I was still a virgin and did not plan on losing it until I was 100% sure I found the right person. (I wish young girls would think this way) Anyhow, my then boyfriend went off to college and cheated on me. 

What did I do then? 

—I broke up with him even though I was hurt and heart broken, I knew I deserved so much better. Fast Forward 3 years later, he married the the woman he cheated on me with. 

Why is this important? 

— As a young adolescent, relationships that are established consist of a whole lot of emotions. The wrong relationship will have you thinking you aren’t good enough; you did something wrong; what does the other person have that you don’t. All those things are going through your mind. If you’ve ever been in a situation like this one you know EXACTLY what I’m talking about. 

Remember.. You must remind yourself, you deserve the very BEST. While dating you will be presented with choices. These choices are tied to your morals, beliefs, and guide your future. The future you want for YOU.

Nonetheless, I held my head up! I took my W and kept moving forward knowing my worth. Was it easy? Girl! No! But I prayed and believe God would make a way. 

Do you believe that lack of sexual intimacy caused him to cheat? 

Absolutely. But this is the thing, if he truly loved me, cheating wouldn’t have been a thought, let alone an option. There’s so much more to a relationship than sexual intimacy. Building a bond with your partner that involves God should be priority in any relationship. 

How did I know he was cheating on me? 

— Do you believe in God? 

Well, in part 1 I told you all about intuition right? With intuition you are also going to need to fast and pray. I was uneasy, so I fasted and prayed asking for God to show me. & show me he did! God had been preparing me for this information that when it was revealed to me I didn’t even shed a tear. 4+ years and I didn’t lose sleep. 

Fast forward to February 2016, I met someone I “thought” would be my husband and the father of my children one day. Boy was I wrong! This relationship was a true test, eye opener and lesson. I learned so many things about myself: spiritually, mentally, physically and emotionally. 

Interested in knowing how important it is do things in God’s time and not your own?

Stay tuned...

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