What My Family Taught Me About Success


What My Family Taught Me About Success

By: Diahni Sample

When we think of family, one thing we will always remember is what lessons they have taught us. Family can be an amazing thing to have because you will always have someone to lean on when you are facing difficulties in your personal life. For me, I didn’t have the greatest experience with family because we always had some type of separation and tension. Even now, my family battles with serious tensions and past pains. While writing this article, it was hard at first for me to think about what my family has taught me. To be honest, I didn’t think they really taught me anything because I felt like they never gave me any positive lessons that I could carry throughout my life.

 My family has taught me something so valuable that I literally stand by this lesson currently in my life. They have taught me to be hungry for entrepreneurship. When I say this, I don’t mean they taught me the ins and outs of being a successful young entrepreneur. Actually, my reality with my family and entrepreneurship has been the complete opposite. I didn’t get the full support from my family for my vision and the pursuit of fulfilling my purpose through entrepreneurship. Half of them thought my ideas were unrealistic. But that disbelief and lack of support is exactly what I now use to push me to never settle on my dreams.

I believe that real entrepreneurs take their business and dreams seriously. True entrepreneurs don’t play around with their grinds. They don’t let a couple of opinions and beliefs from others knock their hustle. In my life’s experiences, I have watched many of my family members struggle for money. They will work overtime and kill themselves to pay bills. They will literally take any job that is handed to them and be unhappy with the work they spend their lives doing all for a check. They have let their dreams and time slip pass them while sinking themselves into a mindset that equates a dollar with their ability to make it. The lifestyle of only working for a check is the saddest thing I’ve ever witnessed. The desire to not fall into that mentality is where one of my inspirations for my business and career has been developed.  

Watching my family struggle and deal with those terrible ways of life makes me want to do the exact opposite in my life’s pursuits. It actually makes me want to be 10 times hungrier and go 10 times harder for my entrepreneurial pursuits and overall financial freedom.

If you relate to and understand where I’m coming from, I want you to take the tips below with you on your journey to following your dreams.

  1. Your dreams are never impossible or too big for reality. Turn your dreams into your reality!

  2. If you are serious about owning a business, make sure you practice what you preach to be as authentic as possible in your products and services.

  3. Do not be concerned with what anyone says about your dreams. THEY ARE WORTH LIVING OUT.

  4. You were not born on this earth to only pay bills and die. You have a purpose with the right to live beyond the means of a paycheck.