Reflections of an Adulting Twenty Somethin' in 2018


Reflection of an Adulting Twenty Somethin in 2018

By Tori Glaude

Throughout this year, we have seen a lot of social justice/injustices, more celebrity drama than we can keep up with, and a rise in awareness of events in the world. It has been a long, yet fast, year! In the midst of the outside noise, have you self-reflected on the accomplishment of the goals that you have set to complete this year? We have put together some points that can help you reflect on this year and keep you motivated to tackle next year!

Enjoy the journey

This year, I have had quite a few goals that I wanted to accomplish. These aspirations that I set for myself included: attending festivals to showcase my first book that I wrote, getting a new full-time job, spending more time with friends and family, and launching my freelance blogging career. I was able to achieve some of my goals with ease while other goals suffered miserably. I have learned the importance of making it to the finish line but it is also just as necessary to stop and notice how far you’ve come in the journey to reach accomplishment in your endeavors. 

Now you may find yourself wondering, “What does it mean to sit back and enjoy the journey?” This phrase means you must fully acknowledge where you are in your pursuit to the accomplishment of your goals with respect to where you began and where you desire to go in the future. For example, even though you haven’t lost the 20 pounds you want to lose yet, you’ve changed your feelings about food, are starting to feel more rested, and have more purpose with your physical activity. Enjoyment in your journey can be displayed in the fact that you haven’t gotten that new job yet, but you take time to give yourself credit for learning new secondary skills that will further enhance your skills and experience. It could possibly mean that you haven’t yet paid off your student loans; however, you have paid off a significant amount while maintaining good financial health. 

Showing appreciation and gratitude for how far you’ve come in pursuing your goals makes it 10 times more rewarding when you finally do achieve them. To fully appreciate your process, you should take note of your journey, share your goals with others that you trust for accountability, and do whatever activity that you need to do to stop and smell the roses. Always remember, completing 10 percent of something is always better than 0 percent of something. 

Life happens

This year, I felt like I’ve experienced some significant highs and lows. I have gone from the high of doing more public speaking about my book to the lows of dealing with bad experiences at work and having sick family members. I had to quickly adopt an attitude that says, “The show must go on” to keep pushing closer to my goals.

I noticed just how important this mindset was when I was forced to put it into practice. Recently, my niece was orchestrating her first young women’s empowerment conference. In that journey of planning and executing that event, she went through the emotions of feeling like the vision for the conference was falling apart. We took the time to talk through the challenges and the logistics of the program. I also stressed to her how important it was to have the conference go on despite what life throws at her due to the positive impact that it was destined to have on all people in attendance. 

Additionally, she asked me to be one of the speakers at her conference. I was so excited to be considered to be a part of her vision. Unfortunately, a few days before the conference, I lost my job. I was feeling an array of different emotions, and didn’t know if I had the motivation to get in front of young women and express the importance of maintaining healthy friendships and relationships. However, I knew that I had to be the example, role model, and BOSS that I just encouraged my niece to become in the midst of her struggles. With that in mind, there was no way I was going to back out of this conference. The show was a must and it absolutely did go on! Life happens to us all, but it is important to gain resiliency to bounce back for it is how you react to a situation that will contribute to you becoming a stronger person. 

Always set your sights higher each year

Each day, we are given new opportunities to fulfill short and long term goals. In fact, most people who make New Year’s Resolutions hope to reach significantly higher goals than they did in the previous year. 

The best thing about being Twenty Somethins is that we get to reinvent ourselves and our goals as much as we give our minds the freedom to do so. We perceive the vagueness of the future as an opportunity to create the future that we want for ourselves. For example, if you have dreams of being the next on-air personality, we can start with video blogging and share it with friends and our social media platforms. Those big dreams that once seemed unrealistic start now seem more attainable when you put things into motion.

I love the quote, “If your dream doesn’t scare you, it isn’t big enough.” Your goals today go hand-in-hand with the woman you want to become in the future. Don’t be too afraid to find her!