5 Ways to Sow into 2019 before New Year’s Day


5 Ways to Sow into 2019 before New Year’s Day

By: Brianna Goldbolt

With the New Year just around the corner, everyone is preparing their New Year’s resolutions with their “new year, new me” goals, I see a grand opportunity for those in Christ to begin sowing into the soil of 2019. What does this mean? This means that God has plans, promises, and prophesies to fulfill in the coming year and the only way to see them be manifested is through faith and obedience.

So where does sowing come in?

Well, we know, from Ecclesiastes 3:1, that there is a season for everything. We also know, from Genesis 8:22, that there will always be a seed time and a harvest time. Lastly, we know, from 2 Corinthians 9:10, that God gives seed to the sower and multiplies that seed to increase the fruits of our righteousness. If we sow seeds by faith into 2019, God has promised through his word that he will use that seed to bless you. God will release increase and provisions that can be used righteously to serve Him and others into your life. There are tons of ways we can sow into the soil of 2019 before the year begins. Listed below are just a few to consider:


This may seem odd to some, but forgiveness is powerful. The Bible tells us that we won’t be forgiven unless we forgive. It then takes it further to say, if we don’t forgive our offenders God won’t hear our prayers (Matthew 6:15). The reason I placed forgiveness first is because I realize that unforgivingness can cause you to forfeit your harvest. It can cause you to miss out on promises and breakthroughs. Unforgivingness is a hinderance to your purpose. If we don’t let go of our offenders today, the sin of unforgivingness will rob us of the peace and progress of our future. So, I encourage you to search your heart and find those who you must forgive so that nothing blocks your blessings.


Prayer is a major way that we sow in the spiritual realm. I love that the Bible says that God gives seed to the sower. You see, God already knows what He has planned for you next year. He knows the struggles you will face and the wilderness you will go through in your tests and trials. God gives us nudges and utterances in the spirit that help us to know what to pray. Those nudges are seeds that might lead you to pray for your future spouse, or that business idea God put in you, or the ministry God will birth through you. In this last stretch of the year, it’s time to spend hours in prayer making your request known to God so that His will be manifested in your life. The prayers you pray today will create the foundation for what God will establish through you later.


Fasting is a powerful tool God has given us to break yokes, bring healing, and ultimately restore and refresh us into our purpose. Fasting is also viewed as an offering of self unto God. When we fast, we are humbling ourselves before God and saying, “Lord, I acknowledge that you are the source of my strength and my only hope for provision.” Fasting is the purest form of sacrifice and submission. It has similar effects that are experienced with prayer. It quiets our flesh so that we can hear the voice of God about what He has in store for us. Fasting opens doors that we may not have had access to before taking the sacrifice of fasting. I’m reminded of Ester, who fasted for three days before approaching her husband, the King, and by God’s grace obtained favor with Him and was not killed. She was wise enough to declare a fast amongst the Jews to get God’s attention so that He could lead them on what to do to save them all from destruction. To make a long story short, God gave Ester a plan to execute and it worked out in their favor. Maybe a 3-day fast is what you need to bring revelation and favor into your 2019.


I've already mentioned a few ways we can sacrifice to God, but in this instance I am focusing on monetary sacrifice. I’m reminded of Solomon, who, out of his abundance and his own will, sacrificed 1,000 burnt offerings unto the Lord. Due to this sacrifice, God came to him and told him to ask for whatever he wanted and He would give it to Solomon. God is pleased when we demonstrate our faith to Him through monetary giving. There was an old woman, in the times of Jesus, who out of her little gave 2 shekels of gold at the alter before the Lord. Jesus said it was the greatest sacrifice of all. All of these things let us know that monetary giving opens doors of blessings and favor from Heaven. In 2 Corinthians 9:7 , the Bible says each one must purpose in their heart how much he can give and then do it cheerfully. I encourage you, to decide in your heart a worthy monetary sacrifice to offer to God at your local church and see what God will do.


Ecclesiastes 11:6 instructs us to plant seeds through various activities because we don’t know if profit will come from one activity or another. From this, I realize how important fellowship is to the enrichment of our lives. I realize that we should constantly be surrounding ourselves with people who can edify, elevate and encourage us. This could be through small groups, serving in ministries, going to conferences, or even volunteering. You never know who you can meet that will connect you to your next season in life. Simply subscribing to a blog like twentysomethinandblack.com, could be the source of someone’s breakthrough. I encourage you to find ways to connect to people who are going the SAME WAY that you are in your journey of growth. God could be using them to catapult you into your destiny.

Now, these are just a few ways in which we can prepare for the harvest of 2019. I encourage you to be open to the Holy Spirit and see if he reveals any more ways that you can sow into the soil of the coming year. Be blessed and happy sowing!