Bringing Better Habits into the New Year


Bringing Better Habits into the New Year

By: Janae Deshanelle

“We first make our habits, and then our habits make us.” - Unknown

“New Year, New Me” is the most popular phrase used by Twenty-Somethin’ year olds ever since I can remember. Yes, the New Year is an exciting time where we can forget all about the past year that concluded and focus on what is about to happen in our lives. But, have you ever thought about what new habits you should carry over into the New Year?

When reflecting on the habits that are worth bringing into the New Year, here are some questions to consider: What happened in the previous year that you liked and did not like? What worked? What didn’t work? Has this made me a stronger or weaker person? Am I the problem, or am I putting the blame on others?

If you had a year where you felt as if things did not necessarily go your way, take time to reflect on the good that things that happened in the last year. In your reflection, it is important to honestly deliberate the positive and negative habits that you have to determine the good habits you need to bring with you and the bad ones that need to go. By no means is this the easiest task, but self-reflection is always a good thing to invest your time into to become the best version of yourself. If you are self-reflecting and find something you wish to not bring into the New Year ask yourself, what you can do differently so that this won’t repeat the same poor habits in 2019 and consider what engaging in new habits will bring to your life.

 Some of the areas that you want to examine your habits in include you working towards better romantic relationship, friendship, work, lifestyle choices, and self-love/ self-care habits. A better habit can be literally ANYTHING that pertains to your life’s experiences; if you want to change the bad habit, it starts with you and your investment to the process of making positive changes.

Some helpful ideas to consider while thinking about your new and better habits are making a list on ways to make your good habits more consistent, talk to God or a higher power, talk to a therapist, counselor, friend, spouse, or any supportive person in your life. This level of objectivity to solidify new habits can help you gain further insight into your behaviors and also give you an added level of accountability to stick with your good and improving habits that you are bringing into the New Year.

 I understand that New Year’s resolutions are not for everyone. However, you should not think of changing your habits as a resolution, but rather, think of them as a positive step in the right direction for the most successful year you can have. Yes, there will be ups and downs during your year, everyone has them, but always remember to remain as positive as possible.