Here's How to Handle Seasonal FOMO


Here's How to Handle Seasonal FOMO

By: Nikia Bundage

It’s the holidays! You know what that means; annual family visits, hanging with the crew on holiday break, and, for others, a string of life changing announcements. Valentine’s Day-made babies are starting to be born and pictures of engagement rings are plentiful on social media. Although we should be happy for our peers, sometimes FOMO creeps in. I know it’s easier said than done, but now is the time to remember we all have our own paths and everything will happen in it’s own time. It’s all in God’s timing.

For those of you who don’t know, FOMO is the abbreviation for the acronym “Fear of Missing Out.” This syndrome can happen to any of us who may experience guilt saying “no” to an event or a person. You get an invite, you turn it down, next thing you know your friends are flicking it up and you’re starting to feel like you should’ve been there. Forget the responsibilities and family time you deemed more important --they’re having fun and you’re not! FOMO! Remember that ex-boyfriend you thanked God for delivering you from? Well, he’s engaged now and you’re starting to wonder if you missed out on a good thing and your potential husband. FOMO! Two totally different things, but because you see them both online, you are feeling like you’re missing out on something or someone.

By now, you’re probably wondering how FOMO is seasonal. Well, if it wasn’t for all the holiday posts, you wouldn’t be wondering when it’ll be your turn to get engaged, have a baby, or take that vacation you can’t yet afford. Those feelings are what I am referring to when I say seasonal FOMO. It’s only during the months of November through February that your ideal-life wish list is suddenly amplified. The pictures of everyone moving into and enjoying different chapters in their lives are nice. However, it is so important to remember that good things take time.

Now, as a growing Twenty-Somethin’, I have often wondered if some of the life events I help other people celebrate are things that I should presently want for myself. You know, things such as: marriage, kids, and the “white picket fence.” After honest conversations with myself and others I trust, I have realized that while these things are nice, they are not yet for me. However, if you are ready for all those things today that is absolutely fine. Just don’t let the holidays make you feel as if you are missing out on something because it hasn’t yet happened.

Lastly, FOMO is sometimes a self- administered misdiagnosis. You don’t have FOMO, you just think you that you do. Just like your mood and emotional state, FOMO can also be seasonal and triggered by reminders that your life didn’t turn out exactly how you have planned. Now, if you do see something that you want, don’t let this desire of your heart put you into a state of depression. It is important that you know if you are working towards what you want, it will happen. Live in the moment, let life happen, and rest assured in the fact that you don’t need a life changing event to celebrate life. Enjoy and appreciate your life in its beauty as it is right now!