How to Take this Time to Focus on Yourself


How to Take this Time to Focus on Yourself

By: Nakia Middleton

Every year, around this time, everyone is setting goals for the following year. As everyone reflects, they begin looking back over the year of things that they did wrong or right while trying to reevaluate who they need to keep in or cut out of their lives.

This year, let's change it up a little. Take this very moment, embrace your surroundings, and understand what season you are in at this time in your life. I'm not talking about season in the sense of weather, but rather, I'm talking about the season God has you in right now in your life. Is your current season one of realization, engagement, growth, or blooming? After you identify your specific season, consider these three questions: How much of your life truly depends on the people around you? How can you handle things in your life that may be going wrong or things that are beneficial to you in your life? Can you make a list of things based solely on yourself and your needs?

When you answer all of these questions honestly, have you concluded if you really are focused on yourself? Do you take time for yourself? How about taking time for your goals and things that you want out of life?

If your answer is a no to all or some of these questions, then take time to focus on these thoughts:

Do not hold others to the same standards that you place on yourself.

Not everyone is as purposeful about being there for you in the same way that you have been there for them. Yes, you should expect for those who you put your time into to be there for you. You should also expect for the people closest to you to be these amazing people who will always be there and know what you like and expect out of situations. However, that is not always the reality of every relationship. Do not get wrapped up in focusing on other’s and the bad attributes they may possess. Instead, decide to focus on the type of person you desire to become.

Make sure that you have positive, good people in your life at all times.

Prayer for discernment definitely works for moments like these. The moment where you can go to God and ask him to reveal who should be in your life and who should be removed is a beautiful thing. It is a way of asking Him to show you the way through His guidance. Surrounding yourself with positive people and those that want to see you prosper can put you into a new realm of blessings.


Do things that make YOU happy.

Your happiness matters more than anything. If you can't think of 10 things that make you happy, then take some time, away from people, to find out what brings you joy. You'll find that if you can't make yourself happy, you can't expect for others to make you happy.


Whenever you feel yourself losing focus on yourself, just go to God, in prayer, and truly ask him to shift your focus back to the things that make you comfortable, happy, and uniquely yourself. If you don’t focus on yourself sometimes, you will find it pretty hard to pour into and giving others what they may need at the moment. Self care and fulfillment is always important because you cannot be a benefit to others, if you are not be a benefit to yourself.