Start Working on Your 2019 Goals Today


Start Working on your 2019 Goals Today

By Monique Richardson

It’s about that time of year when resolutions, deleting people out of your contact list, starting memberships, and at least three months’ worth of the trials of adjusting to new beginnings. The upcoming New Year’s Day brings us the desire and inspiration to become better versions of ourselves. It’s a great time to restart and refuel our energy to accomplish our resolutions. We all had our resolutions ready for this year, but now, we have ended up wondering why we didn’t accomplish or actively work towards them within the span of 2018. Now you may be questioning, why your resolutions weren’t accomplished in the years’ time you gave yourself to accomplish them. The logic behind that thought is simple; resolutions are not goals with direct plans of action. 

A resolution is rather the act of making a decision with the intention to solve something that you view as a problem. We see our flaws or personal issues as reasons to create resolutions but we never create a plan to execute them. That’s why having goals are so important. A goal requires dedication, the active execution of a plan, and accountability. Sound scary? If it does, that’s because it’s more demanding to accomplish a goal. A goal will create a greater influence than a resolution. We take baby steps to reach a goal while taking progression towards accomplishment at our own pace. 

Resolutions are known to start at Jan 1st and tend to be unsuccessful after two-three months after the start of the New Year. Goals can start at any time and even if you fall off of your pursuit, you can start where you left off. So why not start working on your goals today? Every Sunday begins a new week. every morning starts a new day, and every minute is a new opportunity to make your goals happen. By grace, we are restarting and refreshing with each second and don’t realize it. Time isn’t an excuse to hold off accomplishing your goals. 

Think of the days you have before Jan 1st as a trial run to beginning your goals. Starting your goals today will create a habit of working on your goals. A habit will bring a routine of making you goals come to pass in your life. With a habit, you’ll have time to learn your struggles but also make small accommodations to make daily acts easier as you proceed towards your goals. 

We have all said “Oh, I’ll start next week” or “I have plenty of time to enjoy myself before I start this resolution”. That mindset is a great mechanism for complacency and procrastination. We say it aloud to confirm its still going to happen but we all know actions speak louder than words. Goals are usually written down or on a vision board so you can actually see it to give them some tangibility before they have become a reality. 

If you start focusing on accomplishing your goals today, you will be ahead of the game for 2019. You will be more prepared to face 2019 with a bang and have clarification of your short and long term goals. Those little baby steps taken in the time before January 1, 2019 will make a difference as the new year unfolds. Let’s avoid the procrastination route that we may have taken last year. Believe you deserve change and abundance and nothing will stop you.