5 Tips on How to Live Your Best Life


5 Tips on How to Live Your Best Life

By: Sherese Williamson

Living in your twenty-somethings isn't as easy as you think! In this decade we're just beginning to learn more about what we like, what we dislike and understanding ourselves more each day. I feel like many of us in our twenties feel as though we can't start living our best lives until we have it all "figured out". Well, I'm writing now to say that isn't true. We can live out our best lives if we take time to appreciate and make the best out of our lives situation, whatever that may be. I've put together a list that I've personally applied in my life which highlights how I'm living my best life.

Be Grateful

I read online that the best way to start taking control of your life and focus on the good is to start with writing down all that you're grateful for. This has been the best thing for me to do because not only do I get myself out of negative thoughts by doing so, but it uplifts me and makes me feel blessed with all the things I have in my life. You can write anything you love about yourself such as personality traits, your favorite physical features, some of your best skills - anything for which you are grateful for. Then reread that list every day and add more to it. It can be read as a daily reminder or whenever you're feeling down as it's guaranteed to make you feel better and lighter. Psychologically our brains react more positively when we choose to focus on the good and only the good. It makes all the other "problems" less relevant and you can give energy to the good things in your life.

Surround yourself with good vibes

Like the saying goes, "You are the company you keep" so if you have close friends who don't add positivity in your life or who are unsupportive, you will inevitably end up taking on that energy. It’s almost impossible to remain a strong-minded, optimistic person when everyone around you doubts themselves and talks about failures. It hurts to cut ties with friendships that you've had for years but people outgrow people. It's so important to evolve and mature together in any relationship and if your friends, significant other or even family members aren't on your level - then please do yourself and your spirit a favor and part ways. You'll be so much happier because of it. If you're hesitant about doing so ask yourself, whose life are you living? Are you living to appease them? Or are you doing the best thing you can for yourself? It isn't selfish if it's to protect your wellbeing and happiness. Life is precious. Cherish it by being good to yourself and that means surrounding yourself with people who are supportive, share your dreams, or have a similar mindset and values as you do. It will go a long way and it'll help your growth.

Do What You Love and Try New Things


Do what you love! Engage in activities that make you feel good.  If you have a hobby make sure you make time for it! If you don't then pick up a hobby. Many people look towards working out or joining fitness classes, paint nights, or even just going to a club. Whatever it is that works for you.  Also, try new things. You'd be surprised at what you may find interesting or what will come of something once you give it a try. That thing you've always wanted to do but put off because you didn't make time for it? Do it! That restaurant that you've wanted to eat from? Go there! That country that you've always wanted to visit? Book a trip! You only have one life to live and trust me when I say I would rather live a life full of experiences than to wonder what could have been.

Eat Well Live Well

Eating well isn't just a sustainable way of living but it'll improve your quality of life. What we put in our bodies has a direct correlation with how we feel. It can affect mental health, physical and emotional wellbeing. Putting the right foods in your body will not only bring you clarity and feeling more energetic but it's one of primary ways you can practice self-respect. Get into the habit of reaching for fresh fruit instead of a chocolate bar and maybe try to drink more water instead of soda. It doesn't have to be a complete 180, but by starting to change even the smallest habits will have a big impact later on and you'll definitely thank yourself for it.

Live in the Present

"Do not boast about tomorrow, for you do not know what a day may bring." Proverbs 27:1

It isn't just a cliché saying, but it's an important rule of thumb to live in the present. Life goes by quickly and all we really have is the present moment. Taking time to appreciate what life brings day by day is not only stress-free but brings with it clarity and a consciousness that is otherwise not there. Time flies by, especially when you're having fun, so when you're around loved ones or just having a good time with friends is so much more enjoyable when you're immersed in the moment. The same principle is held to thoughts of the future. I know that's hard for twenty-somethings to do and is something even I have trouble with at times, but learning how to take life as it comes lessens stressors and anxiety. Hold the vision you have in mind for your future but try your best to let go of the expectations you give it.  God knows best and will never lead us astray with the plans He has in mind for us.