Turn Your Valentine’s Day into Galentine’s Day


Turn Your Valentine’s Day into Galentine’s Day

By: Sika Degbo

Valentine’s day is widely perceived as a holiday for lovers and romantic relationships but we do a disservice to the rest of the relationships that we value when we leave them out of the fun of the holiday. Rather than solely reserving Valentine’s day for romance and bae time, be sure to show love to the friends (and family) who are always there for you and listened to all of your dating drama before you were in a relationship. And if you’re not in a relationship, then that’s all the more reason to surround yourself with the love of your tribe during this season of red hearts and roses.

Galentine’s day is traditionally celebrated the day before Valentine’s day, on February 13th, but since Valentine’s day is on a Wednesday this year, anytime during the week will do the trick! You’ll be sure to be bombarded with Valentine’s day reminders all week, so it’ll still be relevant if you choose to celebrate on Saturday. This lady-themed holiday was officially started by fictional character, Leslie Knope on the hit sitcom, Parks and Recreation, to honor the ladies in her life and we’d be wise to take a page out of her book.

Take advantage of these ideas to show the friends in your life that you care and that they are loved (whether they have a bae or not).

Host a Galentine’s Gathering

You can go big or small for this one. Either invite some friends over for a chill girls night in of movies, magazines, and valentine’s themed treats. Or get all dressed up and hit the town with your favorite ladies. You know that restaurant you’ve been reserving for a fancy date? Take your favorite people with you and indulge in all the delicious food and wine you want without the pressure of having to look cute while doing it. You all deserve nice things and don’t need no man to have it! *hair flip* One caveat: if you choose to take the gang out, maybe do it the day before or after the actual holiday to avoid all of the overbooked restaurants.

Send a Love Letter

You know how in the teeny-bopper movies there’s always a boy who has a crush on the popular girl and, if he’s brave enough, he leaves a secret admirer letter in her locker? You can be your friends’ not-so-secret admirer. This is something you can do whether they live near or far. It doesn’t have to be as sappy and romantic as a traditional love letter. You could even just send a text! The point is that you find a way to convey how much you cherish your friendship and maybe highlight some traits about them that you truly admire. Hearing the people you care about say nice things about you will never get old. It’s a universal fact. This is sure to warm their hearts. There are few things as special as women empowering women so lift up your ladies!

Spread the Lady Love

Speaking of women empowering women, you can really get into the spirit of sharing the love of the season by volunteering at a women’s organization of your choice. A simple google search for organizations in your area will give you a number of great organizations to choose from. Just look for a contact number or a volunteer link to learn how you can help out. Bringing your friends along to help out other women won’t only be an amazing way to make a difference in someone else’s life but it will also make you and your friends feel really good for having done so. The more you spread the love, the more you feel the love.

No matter how you choose to spend your time this Valentine’s season, I hope it’s full of all the good feelings and lots of love! Let us know if you’ve got other ideas for celebrating your Galentine’s day.