Checklist for Revising Resume

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With the competitive market in job searching, the first interview you have with the prospective employer is your resume. On average, employers take about 10-15 seconds to review your resume and then decide if they want to interview you in person. It's up to you to make a lasting impression in such a short time! Here’s a checklist to remember when revising your resume:

  1. Are you using the correct verbs when describing your responsibilities? Should your sub points be in past tense or present tense?
  2. Is the information (including your contact information and previous work experience) up to date?
  3. Did you let someone else look over your revised resume?
  4. Did you fit all the pertinent information that you can on one page?
  5. Is the style and flow consistent throughout your resume?
  6. How about organization?  Are your main points followed by subpoints in an easy to read manner?
  7. Have you compared your resume to other resume samples? Seeing another example of a resume may help you when it comes to structure.
  8. Are there any words that include acronyms or jargon that is specific to an organization? If so, you may need to explain it or spell out the phrase.
  9. How about your objective or summary? Is it specific to the job you are applying for?
  10. Do your main sub points get straight to the point? There should be a balance between specific and short.
  11. Where are your electronic versions of resume stored? With documents being digital nowadays, it's important to have your resume saved to a backup drive (such as a flash drive or Google Drive) or emailed to yourself for future references.
  12. Some companies prefer that your resume be submitted as a PDF or a Word file. Do you have a version of each file?
  13. Do your margins around the document seem to fit your words on your resume?
  14. Have you used spell check?
  15. And, don't forget to read through it once more!