Growing With Your Girls: Making Sure We Have Growth-Based Squads

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Growing With Your Girls: Making Sure We Have Growth-Based Squads

By: Timoshanae Wellmaker (@Timoshanae)

It’s so easy to say we want to grow with our girls. It’s something the majority of us sincerely want. We desire a squad that will be more about leveling up- spiritually, emotionally, mentally and financially. But the thing is, how can we make this happen? How can we make sure our squad is real #squadgoals and not just for show, right?

Book clubs have become increasingly popular over the past years. And it’s also a great way to keep some essence within our conversations. You don’t have to actually begin a book club with your girls, but the next time you buy a book maybe you can buy two. Or even simpler, pass it to one of your girls as soon as you are done with it. Now you’ve killed two birds with one stone because you’ve got someone to talk to about it, and you are passing knowledge or entertainment along.

Another way to make sure you and your girls have more growth-based interactions is by participating in monthly challenges- our TSB monthly challenges are perfect for this! This gives you the chance to grow and to also hold each other accountable for it! This will help your conversations go from “Girl, wyd?” to “Girl, I found a new podcast for us to listen too!”

While you probably didn’t need an excuse to travel, travel can most definitely elevate your girl group. Opt for choosing destinations that aren’t just popular for turning up, but some that are known for its historical importance or has rich culture. New Orleans has been one of the most culturally rich places I’ve visited within the United States! And who knows, you might be lucky enough to run into our soul sister Solange. As you embark on these adventures with your girls you’ll be discovering more of the world all the while making lasting memories. If you want an even more purpose-driven adventure, search for events and conferences that will make you a better you and choose to travel with those dates in mind.

Lastly, the most important way to make sure you and your girls are goal-getting and not gossip-getting is to make sure that the people in your circle are actually about this too! Don’t waste your time trying to build a success squad with those who do not want it. In order to grow, you absolutely must have people around you that want to grow as well. This will help when it comes to accountability most of all. You need someone in your corner who’s going to tell you when you’ve watched the Love and Hip Hop Reunion enough times and need to get back to that book you stopped reading a week ago. And while we’re at it, make sure you too, are holding your friends accountable for growing in as many areas as you know how. Together you and your squad can take over!