Trust His Process

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Trust His Process

By: Derika Crowley (@DeeCrowley_)

Great Bible Reference: Jonah 1 - 3 (The Story of Jonah)

You cannot rush your timing. I repeat - you cannot rush your timing.

We all grow up having some type of idea regarding how we want our lives to play out. We consider the jobs we want, whether we want kids (and when we want to have them), who we will get married to, and the type of house we aspire to live in. In addition, we think about how much money we would like in the bank, and all we would like to accomplish. A lot of times, we focus so much on wanting these things to happen in our lives that we forget the process these things entail before we can obtain them.

I came across this tweet the other day that read, “people pray for cake, but when God gives them eggs, oil, cake mix, butter, a pan, and an oven, they get frustrated and leave the kitchen.” Of course, some of the replies to the tweet ironically missed the entire message of it; but, the tweet itself showcases a very powerful point of how we pray for a certain outcome, but don’t want to put in the work to manifest it.

The whole premise of Twenty Somethin’ & Black  was to start with the website and expand the brand from there. Even though this still the main goal, I think both Bri and I neglected to consider how much silent time would be involved before we are able to expand how we would like. We didn’t consider it would require sacrifice, a lot of individual pieces that didn’t always make sense together, and those moments when tensions would be high. We didn’t consider there would be moments when we questioned, “is all this even worth it?” We also didn’t realize how much this process would teach us to stay in our lane and trust the process.

Each of us, are placed in various moments and settings for a reason. Whether a consequence of our own actions or just because of how life works, we are intentionally placed in certain situations for the seasons of our lives. You aren’t always going to know what the result will look like, but you must trust in His timing. You also must trust the reasoning behind you being where you are in your process and how you were designed. If you look around you, or on social media, you will see people at different stages of their lives. Some of your peers may be married, some may be excelling their careers, and some may not be doing that great. It can be easy to compare yourself with where your peers are. It’s easy to think, “they have this, so, why can’t I?” or “They’re doing this, why isn’t is working for me too?” It’s natural.

But when these thoughts come up, it’s important to remind ourselves to stay in our own lane. That’s not your path, and that’s okay. God has something better in store for you, and you know that because He designed it to cater to you. Your path is impossible for anyone else to execute because it wasn’t made for them. You must trust yourself and trust His process.

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