Expanding Your Bible Knowledge

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Expanding Your Bible Knowledge

By: Fabiola Michel

Have you ever found yourself wanting to read more of the Bible and didn’t know where to start or just lacked the motivation to do so? I think everyone can relate when it comes to feeling lost when trying to delve into the good book. If we can be honest with ourselves, there are also times when we just flat out can’t find the motivation to do so! Our generation is always on the go and the easiest way for us to connect sometimes is through daily verses, but can we truly connect and be in tune with God through less than 3 minutes of reading our daily verses? The answer is no! Every relationship needs to be fostered through spending time and getting to know each other. Building a relationship with God is no different. He already knows us, but we won’t truly know him until we spend time getting to know him. Easier said than done, right? Absolutely!

4 Tips to help with expanding your Bible knowledge:

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Tip #1: Set Time Aside

Set a time to read the Bible just as you would set a time for the gym and etc. Dedicating a time to read whether it be early in the morning before you start your day, or at night when you are ending your day will set you up for success. Thinking that you’ll have time to get to it will set you up for failure. You will have done everything in your calendar for the day and forget to read or be too tired to do so and it will get pushed to the side. There is no specific time for you to spend time with God. We should be doing it throughout the day to stay connected to him, but when we put time aside to read the word, we are showing God that he is a priority in our lives.

Tip #2: Use The Bible App

Use the YouVersion Bible app! I know the seasoned saints may think that the Bible app is degrading to the physical Bible, but if used correctly, it does the same thing that a physical Bible does plus more! Not only can you read daily verses, but the entire Bible is also there at your fingertips! Not everyone carries their physical Bibles everywhere (precious cargo), but everyone carries their phone with them so there is literally no excuse. With the Bible app, you can set reminders for the daily verses and there are thousands of Bible reading plans/ devotions to choose from, which brings me to my third tip….

Tip #3: Find a Daily Devotion or Reading Plan

Find a daily devotion book, or find a Bible reading plan/ devotions on the Bible app. Having a daily devotion will help you build your Bible reading habits daily. They also include Bible verses to help you expand your Bible knowledge. You can find devotion books from everyday stores such as Ross and Marshalls. Some of my favorite devotions books are “Jesus Calling: Enjoying Peace in His Presence” by Sarah Young (purchased on Amazon) and “Trusting in God: 366 Devotions” by Christian Art Publishers (purchased at Ross). If you’d rather opt for the free option… Bible plans are one click away on the Bible app. You can search for just about any topic and they too include verses that go hand in hand with the topics. 

Tip #4: Take Notes

Take notes! Whenever you are studying anything, the best way to help retain knowledge is the take notes and the Bible is no different! Note taking will give you a visual to look back on and it will help you to dissect what you are reading. Maybe there was something that you read and didn’t fully understand. Taking notes will allow you to bring it to someone who has more Bible knowledge i.e., parents, pastors, elders. Whenever I get stuck on something when reading the Bible, I take it to one of my pastors at Bible study so he can help me to better understand.