May the Bridges You Burn Light the Way

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By: Derika Crowley

I saw this posted on my Facebook friend’s timeline this week and it’s been on repeat in my head ever since. I’ve been analyzing it and really thinking about the words and how they pertain to my life. Every opportunity is not ordained or sent by God to be a part of your story. Some situations are merely thrown into your world to derail your progress and knock you off focus – hence, making you “go back to the mountain” one more time to get back on course.

A new year is quickly approaching, and everyone is considering all the new things they want to accomplish and implement in the new chapter of their lives. I’m still deciding what exactly I want to “gain,” but I do feel as though 2017 is going to bring me something good. However, nothing “good” comes easy. There will be tests, temptations, and obstacles. I think this is the main point I want to make in this post – stay focused.

God has a plan for you and He wants to bless you with everything you want and need. He yearns to give you the tools and vision to successfully fulfill your purpose in this world, but he isn’t just going to GIVE it you nicely wrapped. It’s not that easy. He needs to know that He can trust you with what He planned. He needs to know that if he gives you the promotion/house/business/child/etc. that you will use the situation to glorify Him and His way.

Are you ready for a challenge like that? All that responsibility? Really think about this before you get down and pray passionately for God to work a miracle. I’ve been considering this a lot lately. Am I ready? Can I be trusted? Am I bold enough? I honestly don’t know. But, I do know that the first step is separating myself from anything and anyone that God didn’t tell me to pursue.


It’s hard to end things with someone/something and just walks away. I get it. I’m still learning how to get comfortable doing this.  It’s a lot of uncomfortable text messages, phone calls, and emails; and it can feel like you’re severely burning a bridge. Dylan Mckay from Beverly Hills 90210 said it best when he said the notorious phrase, “May the bridges I burn light the way”.  Not all destroyed bridges are bad…some are essential to your growth and reaching the end goal.

“May the bridges I burn light the way…” - Dylan McKay, Beverly Hills 90210


One thing I need to get better at is acting on impulse. Impulse actions can lead to some of our hardest downfalls. Going back to thinking about the phrase, “God protect me from anything that was not sent to you.” Let’s think about this for a little bit longer.


Let’s do a little exercise.  Consider your phone. When you first get it, it comes all shiny, pretty, and fragile.  One drop on a cold floor and boom, it’s over, screen shattered. So, what you do first, you decide, “I need a case”.  You came to this conclusion in a variety of ways: maybe you dropped your phone before, someone recommend you get one, or you just know you want to preserve it. Whatever the reason you made a decision to protect it after assessing the situation, and then from there you were able to react accordingly.  We have to treat every new experience like a new phone – assess, process, and react accordingly.

I’m still getting used to doing this (and quite frankly, I still have a long way to go) but, in 2017 this is something I want to work – treating every opportunity like a new phone.


It’s hard to accept when we’re wrong or to leave something behind that we desperately wanted. It can feel like we’ve failed or unworthy. You have to stay positive and focused. Find outlets to destress and keep your confidence. For me, that’s doing yoga. It’s my time of relaxation and self-reflection. I also love to work out and cook. In fact, I need to make more time to do it. Find an outlet for yourself. Life is a marathon, not a race. It takes some time to reach the finish line, but when you finally reach it, everything will be worth it and that feeling will be incredible.