Reshape Your Life - The Power of a Using a Planner

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Reshape Your Life - The Power of a Using a Planner

By: Anna Robbins

In today's world our faces are lit up with screens and not necessarily the light of goodness from within. We never have time for each other, but we always have time for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other social media platforms. Life is flying by but we are missing it...we would do well to slow down a little and focus on the things that matter most! 

Social media and technology are not bad things! They keep us up to date with the world, provide happiness through music and shows we share together, provide loved ones a way to connect no matter where they are in the world, and help people navigate through their day more easily so they can have time to do the things they love! If used properly, it can provide a great way of staying organized and on top of things, actually freeing up time instead of taking away time and being a distraction. 

I'm working on using technology productively this month! I am one of those people that spend too much time on my phone. Have you tried to not look at social media for a day? Was it easy? What would you do if you knew you only had one day left to live? What apps would you ignore? How would you spend your day? I'm sure we would all live our lives a bit differently. But we shouldn't wait until the last minute to organize our time and spend it wisely. 

Because technology is not going away anytime soon, and we live in a world driven by it. Instead of challenging you not to use it, I want to issue the challenge to use it more wisely. One way we can use our phones and devices better is by turning them into planners that organize our day and help us make time for doing more things that make us check our phones less! 

One app I love is the app. It integrates with my calendar and let's me add tasks to complete each day. I can plan my day out hour by hour, receive alerts of what I need to accomplish, and even a set goals for things to accomplish in the future. It is day planning, week planning, month planning, and goal achievement all in one app! 

Being a personal trainer, track and field coach, and manager of a gym, as well as doing my own sports training can really me taxing if I don't plan my days well. Due to having a irregular schedule. I use My Shift Work App to schedule my shifts, see vacation times, make sure my work doesn't interfere with other events and vice versa, ser alarms for trainings and important dates, and make sure I'm always on top of my game on the job. For individuals hustling through life, this planner app is a game changer! 

There is such thing as overbooking yourself! Using a app like CloudCal, a free Android calendar application that has a cool way of showing you just how busy you're scheduled to be on a given day, its a great way to avoid overcrowding your schedule. Using a system called "Magic Circles," CloudCal marks each day on the calendar with a colored arc roughly corresponding to your scheduled appointments and events for the day, showing you at a glance when you're booked, and when you'll be free. 

Although apps are fabulous, nothing beats a good hand held planner! I use my planner as a journal/record of the things I do and places I've been. I also use it for therapy and self evaluation space as I use different colors to indicate different things, draw out my visions, and write goals out in the note spaces each week. Erin Condron Planners are fabulous affordable planners that are great for keeping life organized and looking cute while doing so! Check out this blog post by Classy Career Girl with additional planners that have been keeping people's life together in 2018! (I also love the May Designs and Simplified Planner she shares in her post!) 

There are apps to help organize your life in every way! I suggest thinking about where you are spending the most time and start organizing yourself there. If it is meal planning, there are meal planning calendar apps too! If it is spending too much time on your devices, there are apps that you can install that kick you off your phone or help limit the time you spend on certain apps! You can literally reshape your life by organizing it with day by day guides that help keep you focused and achieving! 

Use this month to reshape your life be decluttering your time every day and organizing it so you have time to build meaningful relationships with others, and  yourself too!