5 Easy Tips for Getting Started on LinkedIn

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5 Easy Tips for Getting Started on LinkedIn

By: Amaris Nickerson

LinkedIn can be daunting at first! Professional networking seems to have a whole rule book alone and so does each social media platform. Combine the two and you get LinkedIn, no wonder some people don’t know where to start. Well, I’ve got five easy to get started on LinkedIn. Soon, you will be on your way to enjoying the benefits on being on LinkedIn!

Tip #1: Start small. Before you dive into crafting the perfect profile, one way to become motivated is to experience the benefits of LinkedIn right away. Go ahead and follow your favorite companies, influencers, and topics. Your news feed will fill up with amazing articles you will definitely want to check out. As you read and explore you’ll enjoy instant motivation to use LinkedIn and grow your career.

Tip #2: Build your profile from the bottom up! Once on your profile scroll all the way to the bottom. Start with the section entitled ‘Accomplishments’. Once you’ve completed that fill out the section entitled ‘Skills’. The sections at the bottom are smaller and more manageable and can help you learn the site before diving into adding work experience and education.

Tip #3: Another smart way to use LinkedIn. When you log in and you first see your feed glance at the box that says “What people are talking about”. This is a feature that curates “mini articles”. These are actually paragraphs that link to full stories. Even reading the paragraph or skimming the article is a quick to become familiar with big events and trends in your industry.

Tip #4: If a professional photo isn’t something you can arrange to take that is completely ok! Black and white photos are always chic and never go out of style. Have a friend take a photo of you in front of a background. Then, put a tasteful black and white filter over it. Not only will it take some of the pressure off of editing the photo (dealing with lighting, etc.) it could also help your profile stand out. Try looking over your shoulder and smiling at the camera. Or standing in front of your background with your arms loosely crossed. There are tons of ways to take great professional photos without spending hundreds of dollars! Get creative and when in doubt ask a boss or trusted colleague if the photo is appropriate.

Tip #5: It’s okay to ignore the noise sometimes. LinkedIn has so many features and you can connect with hundreds of people! Keeping up with hundreds of people is a lot. If you find that scrolling through your feed is causing a lack of motivation and confidence go ahead and hit those three little buttons in the upper right hand corner and unfollow posts, but still have that profile as a connection. Brilliant!