Cleaning House


Cleaning House

By: Syrenia Johnson

Hello May! We have gone through the April showers. Now, it’s time for the May flowers. Wait a minute though! Your seeds cannot flourish and blossom unless they have a nurturing environment for the to grow in. That includes pulling up and cutting out weeds, using pesticides to keep bugs away, and securing clean soil for a cozy home. These tips can also be applied to your everyday life, so let’s talking about spring cleaning. And we’re not talking about just your physical house, we’re talking about your life.

Interpersonal Evaluation: We have many connections in our life such as friends, family, peers, colleagues, old classmates, Facebook friends, Instagram followers, etc. We may not communicate with each group on the regular, but there’s always that one coworker, one follower, or that one friend who is always doing the most. It’s time to evaluate these relationships. Go down your list or through your phone to discern who means the most, who contributes to your life, and who actively supports you. I guarantee you that it won’t be everybody. Go ahead and cut ‘em off and keep those squares out of your circle. You don’t need that extra stress!

Value Clarification: We tend to have too much on our plates at times. Well, probably most of the time. List your values, likes, wants, hobbies, and activities. Now, prioritize them in order of importance. Tick off what is not that important. What’s left must have a sense of importance to you, right? Rank those remaining as important or a necessity. Now, you have clarified your values. If it doesn’t contribute to your well-being, let it go. If it doesn’t pertain to your growth, development, or benefit, it’s time to cut it out sis.

Self-Check: We need to check ourselves too ladies. We have to be accountable for our actions at all times to keep things into perspective. Are you setting goals but not being specific? Are you dreaming but not working? Are you dishing out but can’t take it? It’s ok, girl. We’ve all been there. Make goals more specific. Use the S.M.A.R.T. goals strategy. Separate goals into quarters. We are currently in Quarter 2 of the year, so you have two more to quarters to get in check. Are you practicing introspection or self-reflection? Take time to yourself and look within. Learn about yourself. Date yourself. I mean who wouldn’t want to spend time with herself. You’re the bomb, right?

Let’s not continue to walk about like the bag lady Erykah Badu sang about. Unpack all of the unnecessary baggage. Pick up what you need and pack light. You will feel a sense of renewal and empowerment. Spring cleaning isn’t always just about material things. Our mental, spiritual, and emotional aspects need cleaning out too. Let’s spring into action this month!