3 Questions for the creative with a 9-5.

3 Questions for the Creative With A 9-5 


For those of us that are still battling with Career vs. Passion, it is in our best interest to find the best fit career wise to keep us motivated and that will support us as we continue this journey. For some of us, we are just looking for a steady job, with steady income, while we pursue our dreams. Others are looking for more of a well-rounded work environment that provides more benefits than income. As we spring clean and de-clutter our mind, lets re-shift our focus and re-evaluate where we are versus where we want to be. By being clear and setting achievable goals for yourself, you can better assess the things in your life that need to stay, or go. There are few questions you can ask yourself to see if your career life needs re-evaluating. These questions are for the creative who isn’t getting paid for what she loves just yet, but plans to pursue it full time in the future. They are also for the creative humble enough to know that bills don’t pay themselves, but passionate enough to put in time after work, to work on themselves.

1.       Does this job provide a good family, life, and fun balance inside and outside of the office? This means it provides different events and programs that support individual as well as company growth.

2.       Is there time outside of this job, to dedicate to my passion? This speaks to the risk of burnout. Does this job drain you? Does it make you feel like you could sleep the day away instead of doing what you love?

3.       Are there any skills used in your everyday job that are transferable in your passion? Are you learning how to network, or use excel spreadsheets, that could essentially better prepare you to run your business?

Keep in mind that the goal is not to fall in love with what is helping you make ends meet but it doesn’t hurt to have fun or at least like what you are doing. A lot of creatives are anti- 9 to 5, which is okay and understandable because we are if we want to be entrepreneurs and set our own schedules, but there is a world where for a while career and passion work together to build the best you possible financially and strategically so that when your time comes, nothing can hold you back!