The Spring Cleaning You Don't Think About


The Spring Cleaning You Don't Think About

By: Timoshanae V. Wellmaker

It’s that time for Spring cleaning. The time when you’re likely to go through your entire home, looking for things that either need to go or just be moved elsewhere. Around this time, most of our minds naturally go to the things were used to spring cleaning. This includes going through our closet to sort through tons of clothes and shoes to figure out what it is we’ll need for this season and going forward overall. But before you dive into this Spring cleaning ordeal, let’s really get into it.

I encourage you to not only think of it as Spring cleaning, but as the time to prepare for a new season. It’s a new season of your life, sis! Below is a list of things that we want to make sure you consider as you prepare for this new season God’s about to bloom you through.

Negative self-talk

 This should be number one on your list! You’ve probably heard this a million times that your words hold so much weight. The things you put into the atmosphere manifest. When you are talking about "you", you need to be very particular. Go into this season with a tongue that will speak highly of the woman you are blossoming to be, add affirmations, motivation and whatever else that will push you. You are the bomb, so let your mouth empower your life versus bringing it down.

Your social media

While Spring cleaning doesn’t necessarily call for a social media break, it can definitely be a good time to make this commitment for however long you need. Even more so this is a great time to dedicate to spring cleaning those friends and follow lists. My best advice is to unfollow anybody that you find yourself comparing yourself to, complains too much or sucks the energy out of you. At the end of the day, you’ve got to protect your peace. 


When is the last time you've updated your Itunes playlist? Or better yet, when is the last time you cut off songs that made you feel less than? Spring cleaning your playlist is all about how you want to feel this season. Whether you want this to be a turn-up or growth season for you, make sure the music you feed your soul reflects that. And remember, it’s all about how the song makes you feel, not what everyone else thinks about them.


It is time to get rid of those money sucking, time wasting subscriptions. Sort through your subscriptions and see what you can live without this season. After all, you can likely always get them back if you truly miss them.


I used to think I was the only one who had this issue but I’ve been over enough of my friends' houses to know that we all have or have had that pile of items we plan (and keep on planning) to take to the Goodwill. Pick a date and get those items out of your crib, now!

Hidden gems in your kitchen

Remember you thought it would be nice to try that new spice or that one trendy food item? While trying new things is cool, if you’ve had it for over a year and never opened it then it may be time to reconsider. Get rid of the things in your pantry that are just taking up space. And while you’re at it, organize your kitchen in a way that makes the most sense to the life you wish to live.

Your “just in case” items

Particularly popular amongst women, it almost seems as if we’ve been trained to have just-in-case items left and right in our purses and in our homes. Part of this might root back to grandma or mom having everything you could ever think of in that purse of theirs but it is time for us to start a new trend. There’s a thin line between clutter and things that might actually come in use.

Plastic bags

While recycling plastic bags from stores is actually environment-friendly, do not be one of those people who keeps one million bags at a time. Keep a few in handy and recycle the else elsewhere.