4 Development Strategies you need to succeed in your career!


4 Development Strategies you need to succeed in your career


We get the job we’ve always wanted, and are finally content with our life at this moment. Now what? Lets discuss ways we can continue to grow in the position that we are in. I’m sure you aren’t totally developed within your career, or you wouldn’t be reading this. It’s important that we never stop growing and learning, and that’s in all aspects of our lives. Here I’ll give you 6 development strategies that you can implement in your position that will facilitate your growing and learning. It can be overwhelming to obey office culture, do your very best at the work you do, like what you do, look cute while you do it, honey it’s a lot. Then here I go, adding more things for you to juggle, all in 8 hours per day. The things I want to add, aren’t overwhelming and they can fit into the things you are already, or should already be doing.

1.      Set Milestones: We all know about how long we plan to work at a job before we even get hired. Whether or not that time span is realistic, set milestones. If you say I only want to be here for a year, so that means in 6months I should have 2 projects under my belt from start to finish, or one certification every 6months. These will help the position make sense. These will help you understand why you are where you are, doing what you are doing. They are, and will feel like stepping stones to the bigger accomplishment.

2.      Request Feedback: As a person who has managed people before, its nothing better than getting the chance to tell someone what about them gets on your nerves. No matter how well, you think you are doing, there is something you can be doing better. Reach out to your direct reports. Ask them what they thought of your last deliverable. Ask them if there is anything you could be doing better. Even if you don’t agree, this will help paint a better picture of what people see and think about you. This information can be taken and used to make you a better person. It also holds those who give the feedback accountable. If you are implementing the changes they point out, then at annual review time looks like someone should be getting a raise 😊.

3.      Create a vision board: Now this can be in whatever form you’d like. Lately, social media has gotten fancy and vision boards have become quite the task and or competition if you will. The goal behind the vision board and its intentions, are creating visual goals to keep you inspired. You have to see it to believe it. Once you start seeing that car you want everyday, you start to believe that it’s a reason why you work everyday, which then translates to the reason you have to give your all at work, to keep that job, to buy that car. Car is of course a material example, but you get the point.

4.      Step outside of your comfort zone: If you aren’t necessarily sold on your current position, volunteer or help out on other projects. Maybe you don’t have to start all the way over when it comes to growth in your industry. Maybe there’s a person in the cubical next to you doing exciting work, the kind of work that you want to do, but aren’t qualified for. Is it possible for you to shadow them? Fun fact: I am the most introverted, extrovert ever. The CEO of my company shares the same space as everyone else. You can easily walk past her office, and she’s there on Wednesday at 2pm. So I started having conversations with her. If I want to be a business owner, why wouldn’t I talk to a business owner. One so successful that she pays MY bills, yes her! Don’t remind me of how awkward it is to ask her how her weekend was. One day I did in fact ask, and she said “Well Olivia was sick.” Honey I almost fell out! Of course her daughter’s name is Olivia, so now we have more in common. Things like that happen for you when you step out of your comfort zone. God makes a way.

Remember, no one cares more about your success than you. It is totally 100% up to you to reach those realistic goals, and set those challenging standards for yourself so that you can live out the life that God made for you, and only you.