5 Things to remember when changing careers

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Embarking on a new career can be exciting but can also feel as if you're starting over from scratch. To keep from feeling overwhelmed at your new job, it's important to make time for other areas in your life. Here are some tips to keep you afloat when changing jobs:

Get a grasp on your new schedule!

One of the first things you should do to keep afloat with daily rituals is to prioritize important tasks. You can begin this by writing out your weekly goals and how you can go about tackling them. This can be important especially when dealing with a new work schedule. Planning for your off days will ensure you get as much chores and errands done as possible.

For me, I have an outlined schedule to keep me accountable. In between a full-time job, taking information technology courses, blogging/book-writing and going to the gym, I created a full calendar where I know what I should be doing every day so that I won't feel overwhelmed.

Learn about the company!

To help you feel prepared, research the company as much as possible. Now that you're past the interview stage, you are now in your 90-day probation period. It's important to understand the general workflow, company's structure/philosophy, essential employees and responsibilities in your first three months. Also, try to be as communicative as possible. It's better to ask questions than to assume tasks are structured the same way as your previous job.

Try something new!

To get a grasp on your career change, try something new such as different commutes, variety of lunch choices or some new clothes. Trying something new can help you with opening the next chapter of your life with a new job and an improved attitude,

Mental health check-in!

Take this month to start working on your health! I'm not talking about another diet; I mean an all-around health assessment. Start thinking about what you can do differently at your new job when approached by stress or challenging situations. How can you treat yourself during stressful times? What foods can you eliminate to give you more energy? How can you deal with events or people so that you can remain positive?

Do not let fear take over!

Sometimes fear can be a great motivator. However, when changing jobs, fear can get in the way of your choice and your confidence. Rest assure that the main reason you want to change careers is to find a purpose, gain more financial freedom, and/or take on a more challenging role.

Try these methods out to ensure that the job change is as comfortable as possible!