Becoming a Game Changer: How to Take Initiative to Own your Career


Becoming a Game Changer: How to Take Initiative to Own your Career


Many have the misconception that to qualify as a game changer, you have to be the CEO of your own company. This notion is not only limiting, but it is not true.  Although, those who do identify as leaders of their companies are in fact game changers This title can be applicable to a variety of people. No matter the line of work or the level that you are on, you can certainly make waves that will set you apart from other employees while maintaining a sense of professional fulfillment. You can attain a high level of accomplishment with your job by taking the initiative.

Taking initiative can look different across differing professions. If you work for a company or if you work for yourself, changing the game all boils down to finding your niche. As an employee you want to self-market yourself as a highly self motivated professional willing to move and shake with the best of them to get the job done.

In the workplace, taking initiative in the seemingly small tasks can have a game-changing impact on your career in the long run. Making yourself available to complete tasks that go outside of your normal job responsibilities, while maintaining the quality of your work, can contribute to setting yourself a part at work. For example, venturing to work on a project that can increase efficiency within your department or the company as a whole will be a positive look for you as an employee.  By going outside of your professional comfort zone, you can show management that you are invested in the company and you have vision and commitment to the company outside of your current role. This also adds to your professional value, thus, making you an asset to the company for which they are willing to invest in with further career advancement. 

You can also be more direct with your management while offering transparency of your vision for your career aspirations. Let them know how you would like to advance as a young professional. This approach will also allow you to get a gage for the ability for the company to withstand your goals. It can help you gain understanding on the professional fit of your company and can ultimately contribute to you staying with that company or actively moving forward with a new company. Likewise, this form of initiative can allow you to gain the invaluable support of your management to support and challenge you to grow in your career to live your best professional life.

Networking with professionals inside and outside of your company can give you an edge within your career that can catapult you into a new stratosphere of success. As the age old saying goes, “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know.” If you put yourself out there and make yourself available to meet professionals from all levels of experience. You can learn a great deal from your fellow professionals about how you can develop and progress in your career. Gaining exposure through networking can make the difference in the levels that your career can reach. Networking is an opportunity to not only see the table but secure your seat at the table.

Although there are many roads that lead to being a game changer, knowing yourself, knowing your worth, and understanding your professional intentions are among the most important factors. Once you have this level of professional integrity, you will be able to steer your career in the direction that you want to progress towards.