Living Your Best Life While Maintaining Your Best Friendships

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Living Your Best Life While Maintaining Your Best Friendships

By: Janae Deshanelle

‘Living your best life’ has been one of the most commonly used phrases of 2018. Living your best life simply means living your life to the fullest. One might partake in new activities, travel the world, find love in any shape or form; the list is endless. As long as you live enjoying yourself, the decisions you make, finding self love, and celebrating doing what you feel is best for your own life, then you are living by the motto.  

While living your best life one might get so caught up with the enjoyment of self love, maintaining friendships could possibly take a back seat. As we all know, like any relationship, friendships are one of the most important. A good friendship could be hard to come by, but when you find genuine friends, you should try your best to hold onto them. Any good friendship requires communication, trust and respect. As a friend sometimes we expect so much from our friends we forget they are just humans too. While enjoying yourself and living your best life, checking in on your friends is important as well.

Even when you are out and about enjoying self love, self cleanse, and self-reflection, make sure to include your friends in the best life process. Good friends lift each other up and add value to each other’s lives. If you are anything like me, sometimes I get so caught up in my happiness I forget to share with others. If your friends are really your friends they will want to hear about your happiness too! Phone calls, face-timing, and texting check-ins are all beneficial. Even when enjoying your best life your friends might have some ideas to help you live an even BETTER life than the one you are currently living.

When something good happens such as a new breakthrough, completion of a new project, or a new hobby which makes you happy, share, share, share! Even if your plans do not include them, your friends would love to hear about what is making you happy. Nobody has a perfect life but sharing with others makes it even more worth it!