Glowing This Summer

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Glowing This Summer

By: Timoshanae Wellmaker

What will make you “glow” this summer: Rose water, highlight, glow oil, etc. 7-10 different items/products that can help you shine!

A Real Glow This Summer- let’s talk products that will really have you shining this summer! 

A lot of people talk about glowing. But really, what’s the tea on getting your own glow on? I’m talking about the glow that you see in your selfies, the glow that they notice when you walk by, I’m talking about a real shine coming from your skin. The one that will have everyone asking what products you used to help get your glowing aurora going this summer. 

This summer, I want to make sure all of us are really out here living our best life as we see fit and most importantly glowing while we do so. It’s time to get your glow on in this warm weather, so keep reading to find a few products or items that might help out with that. 


1.    H20- I cannot stress how important water is for healthy skin! I give our skin so much life and will help enable your skin to be able to shine. Get you some spring water and make it a normal part of your day this summer. 

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2.    Rose water is a beauty secret!  Misting your face with this natural wonder throughout the day will keep your face not only feeling refreshed, but looking good too. Rose water is also great when used as a setting spray for your makeup. 


3.    We can’t forget about highlighter when it comes to glowing! The right highlight, applied to the right places, will for sure give you that irresistible glow this summer. Try adding a bit of highlight at the tip of your nose, on your cheekbones, right under your eyebrow and even your collar bone. 

4.    If you don’t mind going to sleep looking a little buttered up, buy some almond oil and put it on your face at night. There’s something about it that helps enhance your natural glow. Even a bit of almond oil on your face for a makeup-free day will give you a bit of a shine, just don’t overdo it. 


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5. Some people swear by grapeseed oil as well. Again, just remember that a little goes a long way. 

6.    Silver or gold eyeshadows are another add-on that can make you pop. Add a little gold or silver eyeshadow right in the corner of your eye every now and then for a bit of an extra glam. 

7.    Let’s talk about those lips! This summer it is all about a nice, shiny clear coat. Go to your local beauty store, Walmart or order from your favorite makeup brand and get on to the clear lip gloss trend. With your lips popping, your glow is for sure to be seen.


8.    Shimmer body oil is one of the newest products out that are specifically intended to have that melanin of yours glowing this summer. Think glitter in a bottle. You can find these from our big sister RiRi’s Fenty to plenty of other smaller businesses. 

A few other things that might be worth your time are Vaseline’s Intensive Care Body Gel Oil, Vaseline, baby oil and even eating your fruits and veggies more often.