Living your Best Travel Life on a Budget

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Living your Best Travel Life on a Budget

By: Briana Elmore

As summer 2018 approaches, everyone wants to travel and live their best lives. Everyone wants to light up IG timelines and be immersed in positive vibes. Travel is a widely popular activity of Twenty Somethins but often times our budgets may not always allow us to travel as far or as often as we would like.

A misconception that we have is that our traveling aspirations will have to be postponed until we have “good money” coming in and we have a certain level of success. However, as an avid traveler on a budget, that is not necessarily true. We can enjoy and afford ourselves with a multitude of traveling endeavors that can be both enriching and enjoyable.

The most influential tool that we can use to fulfill our traveling desires is proper planning. Planning your summer travel can make the difference between you liking the travel photos on IG and posting them. When full planning has been done, you will be able to optimize your resources to enjoy your summer. The following tools will allow for you to maximize your travel and remain within your budget.

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Calculate your regular monthly expenses relative to your monthly income to assess your budget for travel.

This step allows you to make sure that you are not neglecting vital bills that could poorly impact your day to day life while you’re not traveling.

Calculate the amount of money that you have left over to spend after your monthly expenses have been accounted for, also known as your “free money”.

If you have any money left over after you have subtracted your monthly expenses from your income, is your money you have to work with to contribute to traveling and other leisurely experiences.

Choose a destination and dates that you would like to travel.

The location and dates can impact the budget that you will need to set aside for traveling purposes. Often times, the further from home you desire to travel, the more expensive the trip. For example, you may be able to go on two domestic trips for the price that you would pay for 1 international trip. Additionally, the day of the week that you choose to fly out can impact the cost of your tickets. If you are able to fly out on a Thursday evening as opposed to a Friday evening, that can result in big enough difference in your travel expenses to maintain your budget.

After you have a destination in mind, compare the prices of the accommodations to the amount of free money that you have.

Your free money is something that can be saved over the course of a few months to be able to achieve your travel goals. If you plan out far enough in advance of your desired trip date, you will be able to save money towards trip periodically so that you are able to digest all of the costs.

Decide if you will be traveling alone or traveling with a group of people.

This decision can impact the amount of financial responsibility that you assume during your trip. You can reduce your costs for accommodations and activities if you have people who are also budgeting for a vacation committed to your trip.

Actively seek price comparison resources to get the best price possible for your travel goals.

Seek a travel club such as Travel Noir that sends out email notifications of affordable international flight discounts as well as travel itinerary packages for certain destinations. You can also download apps to compare travel pricings to ensure you get the best deals on flight and hotel accommodations.  Taking the time to look into these resources can make the difference in staying with your price range and living beyond your means.

You can travel on any budget and get the most out of all the money that you spend on your travel. We do not have to wait for our best lives to start when we have reached a certain tax bracket. We can live our best lives right now with the proper planning and financial consideration