Making Memories All Summer Long


Making Memories All Summer Long

By: Diahni Sample

Summer is slowly approaching us and it’s time to make all of the memorable moments we can. During this time, we need to have the most fun without stressing about school work or any other responsibilities that life may throw our way. We all deserve a nice vacation that we can look back on and keep as a memory. So what are the best activities to get into this summer?

Here are some of the top activities for the summer:

  1. Going to the pool with your friends

  2. Shopping with the girls this summer

  3. Going to the movies with a special somebody

  4. Riding the rides at the carnivals and theme parks

  5. Taking a vacation to a new place you’ve never been before

  6. Having a party or barbecue

The next three months are the best time with the best weather. I encourage you all to travel to a place you’ve never been before. Giving yourself a chance to meet new people and create new relationships. Traveling is the best way to make this happen. You only live once so why not travel? The best places this summer to travel to are California, Florida, and New York City. They all have the best sites and vacation areas for travelers. You will definitely enjoy your summer in any of these areas.

As you plan your upcoming plans for this summer, stay safe and don’t get into any conflicts. So many young people have passed away from unsupervised parties, and being in the wrong place at the wrong time. We want to have a fun and exciting summer, but a safe one at the same time.