Sober in Love: 20 Date Ideas that Don’t Involve Drinking


Sober in Love: 20 Date Ideas that Don’t Involve Drinking

By: Tori Glaude

In the spirit of a sober June, we thought it would be an interesting idea to choose some dates that don’t involve spending money on drinks. Trade in clubbing and take a look at our list of the top 20 non-alcoholic dates.

  1. Attending Church service

  2. Having a picnic in the park

  3. Going to an amusement park

  4. Museum

  5. Gym date

  6. Attending a play/musical

  7. Going to a concert

  8. Going to a fair or a parade

  9. A local beach/pool

  10. Dance class

  11. Trying karaoke night

  12. Attending an info session together: cooking class, managing finances, a “how-to” course (knowledge is wealth!)

  13. Finding a networking event

  14. A restaurant that is culturally different

  15. Running

  16. Attending a poetry jam

  17. Get dressed up and take pictures outdoors

  18. Cook and come up with some non-alcoholic drinks together

  19. Bowling

  20. Going to the zoo

As you might’ve noticed, you can incorporate alcohol into some of these activities. However, if you and your date keep the activity in mind, then drinking won’t be the center of attention!