Social Media Detox


Social Media Detox

By: Syrenia Johnson

Spring time has come and gone and so has the idea of spring cleaning. It’s summer time, and that means grind time for most of us. Most reserve summer for socializing, partying, and vacationing, which may mean that you will be around new and unfamiliar people throughout the summer months. This can cause trouble in paradise. Social media, negative energy, and toxic relationships need not damper your summer plans. There’s a fix for that. Sage is known to be therapeutic in ridding negative energy. Sage away problems, people, and situations all summer. Protect your peace. Now, let’s discuss conceptual ways to mentally detox from various social aspects in order to fully enjoy your summer.

Research has shown that social media has contributed to the Strong Black Woman Ideology. We are constantly trying to prove our worth and keep up with the Joneses. Social media has proven to be more harmful than helpful when it relates to self-esteem, status, and self-worth. Ladies, don’t let social media play you. Photoshop is real, Airbnb is a trend, and the Bow Wow challenge was an actual thing. Your season of blessings is on your own timeline, not anyone else’s. What is meant for you will come on its own time, so don’t let the internet rush you. A social media detox is helpful periodically. Logging out every evening at a certain time or scheduling a break once a month can give you time to focus on YOU. Use that time to meditate, and work on personal goals.

Reality television also poses intimidation and envy of the lavish lifestyles of television stars, relationships included. We watch many couples flourish on t.v. and social media and wish would find a rich, fine, young bachelor that we can go on a bae-cation with. However, all that glitters ain’t gold. These relationships are not #goals because who knows what these celebrity couples experience behind closed doors. See Nas and Kelis, Fabulous and Emily, and the iconic Ike and Tina. Need I go on? Sis, there are still some good men out there who do not value the flashy lifestyle. We just have to relearn how to organically meet people and make friends. Use weekend brunch spots to your advantage. Hop between day parties, BBQs, and picnics this summer. Unplug and hack into the old-fashioned summertime vibes.


Lastly, love yourself. Yes, Instagram models seem to be popping. The flat tummy tea and Fashion Nova trends are paying people’s bills and making people instant millionaires overnight. I get it. It’s frustrating to see slim, fit, perfect, and perky women on social media who seem to acquire everything so easily. However, is it really real? We don’t know what procedures that they had done. We don’t know what deals they signed? We don’t know their struggles. We just see their millions of followers and likes. Don’t let followers and likes become your obsession. You are great in your own right. You may be the reliable, smart, funny, athletic, or chef friend that everyone appreciates. You have your own qualities to be proud of. Do you, boo! You’re popping too, just in a different light. Who said you had to be a celebrity to be great? It’s levels to this, and you’re great at your level. Take time to make affirmations for yourself, reflect, and stay true to yourself.